Best laparoscopic surgeon in Lucknow

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All surgical procedures that are being done across the world are available here at world class standards.

Apollo medics Department of Minimal Access Surgery is dedicated for the best patient care with state-of-the-art equipment for detection and treatment. The department consists of best surgeon in Lucknow with highly trained team of technicians and nurses to handle each and every situation. With the world class equipment like Laparoscopy, 384 Slice CT Scan and Bi-Plane Cath Lab, Apollomedics Hospitals offers comprehensive services at affordable cost.

Department of Minimal Access Surgery is headed by the well trained and highly experienced surgeon and organises a Dedicated Obesity Clinic to fight the evil hysiotherapist along with the team of august doctors of associated Allied branches for taking cof obesity in society. The team consists of the Bariatric surgeon, well trained hardworking dieticians and pomplete care of obese patients and patients requiring Bariatric surgery.