How to delete cash app history?

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It is also useful for stock and bitcoin trading. However, many users of the cash app want to know- How to delete cash app history.

The Cash app lets you send or receive money instantly at any time. This online platform is well suited for quick money transactions. It is also useful for stock and bitcoin trading. However, many users of the cash app want to know- How to delete cash app historyUsers who’ve made transactions on the cash app want to keep their account secure so they want to know about the deletion of the account. Well, there’s no way to delete the history of the transaction on the cash app.

Right now, users cannot delete transaction history on Cash App. So, there is no way on the cash app to delete the history. You cannot find this feature on the cash app yet. The only thing that you can do is to remove the history by deleting your entire cash app account.

Once the transaction has been made, the transaction will automatically be added to your payment history. But, the good thing is that transaction history will be only accessible to you or the one who is having the details of the account.

Check transaction history on Cash App

There’s no way to delete the transaction history on the cash app. All that you can do is delete the entire cash app account if you want to delete the history. Before the deletion of the account, you can check all the transaction history. Here is how you track transaction history on Cash App:

·         First, you need to open the Square Cash App on your phone.

·         Now, tap on the “activity” tab available on the home screen.

·         On the next screen, you will see all the payments that you have done.

·         Here, you can check the transaction history that you made from your debit card, credit, wallet balance, and cash card.

·         To download and print out the Cash App payments, connect to the PC.

·         Tap on the Activity tab and then select the statement tab.

·         After this, Choose the month of the payments that you want to see.

·         Finally, you can download the payment history in CSV format.

How to delete a cash app account?

How to delete cash app history? Well, the only way to delete your transaction history is to delete your account permanently. Without doing this, your history will not be removed or deleted. So, follow these steps if you want to delete your cash app account-

·         First of all, open the Cash App on your iOS or Android device.

·         If you have any money in your account then you need to transfer it to your bank before you continue.

·         Tap on the Banking icon from the bottom-left corner

·         Then click Cash Out.

·         If you have any stocks or bitcoin, sell them off before you can close your account.

·         After doing all these, tap the account icon present in the upper-right corner.

·         In this step, tap Support.

·         Go to the bottom of the next screen, and tap “Something Else”.

·         In the next step, reach the Account Settings menu

·         Scroll to the option of Close my Cash App Account available at the bottom of the list.

·         Tap Confirm and then this will sign you out of the Cash App.

·         After that, you will get a text or email confirming that you've unlinked your account.

·         Make sure you get this email before you delete the app otherwise connect with the official cash app help team to know about this.

·         With this, users can now delete Cash App from their device