Brief History of 3 Referencing Styles

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Research Dissertation Help writers often have to follow different referencing styles to make their assignments plagiarism-free.

Research Dissertation Help writers often have to follow different referencing styles to make their assignments plagiarism-free. Scholars have introduced and used various referencing styles over the years. Multiple fields of academia adapt each referencing pattern and style.

Do you want to know about these referencing styles? Do you want to know who introduced them and which academic field uses which referencing pattern often? Then read on to learn more vividly about them. 

  1. Harvard Referencing style

Harvard Referencing style is one of the most common yet preferred referencing styles. Harvard referencing style was first introduced in the 1880s. And it was first brought into fashion by a zoology professor at Harvard University. 

Harvard referencing is a typical author-date referencing pattern. This referencing pattern is by far the most popular referencing style. And multiple research paper writers and Biology Assignment Help use Harvard style to cite their sources. 

  1. APA referencing style

APA referencing style was first introduced by a group of psychologists, anthropologists and business managers in the USA. It was introduced in 1929, and the sole purpose of this referencing style was to make referencing easier. APA is commonly used by American Psychological Association, the institution upon which the referencing type is named after. 

Though not as popular as Harvard, APA has gained its fan base over the years. Some multiple scholars and universities prefer this referencing pattern. Over the years, APA referencing has also become Do My Coursework help for students. Students have made exclusive use of this referencing pattern to refer to their papers.

  1. Oxford Referencing style

Oxford Referencing style or OSCOLA is referencing pattern historians and literary professors commonly use. However, that does mean students of other academic arenas cannot use this referencing style. For example, the Oxford Referencing Generator style often uses footnotes instead of typical author-date referencing styles. You can learn about Oxford referencing styles through your university’s referencing handbook. 

Or you can also find vivid research upon this referencing pattern through various scholarly articles. But then again, it would be best if you knew that there aren’t many referencing generators that can help you generate Oxford references.

That said referencing history is vivid and exciting. And Harvard Referencing Generator writers often get to know each referencing pattern thoroughly before citing their paper. So, go through this short history and start citing your paper efficiently.

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