Different Types of Cat Apparel

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There are several different types of cat apparel. Some of these products are designed to fit your cat's body size, while others are made to be more comfortable for your feline friend. Generally, these clothes have Velcro closures to keep them securely in place. They are also made of soft materials that allow your feline friend to move freely. If you're a cat owner, you may even want to buy a Multi-Purpose Cat Shirt to keep your feline friend warm and comfortable.


With its variety of cat apparel, Meowingtons keeps its customers on-trend while complementing their personal style. Meowingtons clothing lines include knee-high socks, leggings, bodysuits, skirts, t-shirts and tank tops. These apparel lines are made with modern, trendy girls in mind, and are sure to make them feel and look their best. Meowingtons is a must-have for cat lovers!

CAT Workwear

CAT Workwear is the ultimate in comfort, durability and style. Made for the most extreme conditions, CAT workwear can keep you comfortable and safe all day long. The company's full line of workwear includes jackets, pants, work shirts, hoods and more. Each piece is designed with the needs of the worker in mind. Whether you are working on a construction site or a farm, CAT workwear has you covered.

The company's reputation for quality is unrivaled by its competitors. Its logo is synonymous with top quality, and it has been trusted by customers for over a century. Customers never switch to a competitor because they're uncomfortable with the quality of CAT workwear. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in its countless awards, as well. In fact, CAT workwear is one of the most trusted brands for work wear worldwide.

CAT Pajamas

A set of blue CAT Pajamas has a different cartoon cat for each day of the week. The soft cotton blend pajamas come with short sleeves and a drawstring waist. They also feature a button front shirt and matching boxer shorts. Reviewers love their softness and comfort, but warn against washing them in the dryer. However, if you're not a huge fan of cat prints, you might want to skip these and instead choose a set with a different design.

One of the first things to know before getting your cat a new set of pajamas is that they are not for everyone. Some cats will love them, while others will find them disgusting. So, try introducing them slowly. Offer rewards if your cat likes them and leave them on for short periods of time. Monitor your cat closely for signs of discomfort and do not force them to wear them. If your cat rejects them, honor their wishes.

Multi-Purpose Cat's Shirt

A multi-purpose cat's shirt is a perfect choice for both comfort and style. These cute pet clothing can also prevent your kitty from getting cone of shame or incision damage from the collar. In cooler weather, your feline can keep cool and comfortable by wearing one of these shirts. As with any other item of clothing, you should monitor your cat's comfort before letting it wear a shirt.

To use a Multi-Purpose cat's t-shirt, you'll first want to select a style that will be flattering for your pet. This style is great for cats that are small and teeny, but will look great on any size cat. Designed to be comfortable and durable, this shirt is also stretchy and easy to wear for longer periods of time. It also features an adjustable hood for your cat's comfort