5 Ways to increase online patient payment experience in 2022

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Are you failing to collect your patient payments on time? If yes, we would like to suggest the most successful 6 ways to collect your patient payments without fail.

Collecting patient payments is not an easy job. According to National Health Expenditure Data 2017, Americans spend $365.5 billion per year on out-of-pocket medical expenses. But even though nearly 60% of the payments are not collected. Improving the patient payment experience is important for outstanding patient care and unstoppable business growth. Use the best online patient payment solution in your office.

Are you failing to collect your patient payments on time? If yes, we would like to suggest the most successful 6 ways to collect your patient payments without fail.

Mobile-friendly Online Payments

As we are in the modern era, now most of the information or services are consumed through mobile. As a result, there is a significant growth in mobile users, also we can fulfill most of the needs online. So offering mobile-friendly patient payments is mandatory. It will increase the patient payment rate significantly.

It is much easier for patients to make their payments instantly. So as a provider, you can collect your Medical Practice Management Software dues from patients easily. It will result in increased business and revenue growth in no time.

Communicate with the patient frequently

The communication gap in the healthcare industry is the core reason that will disconnect the patient and provider. It is the crucial factor that affects patient engagement that results in dissatisfied patients who will switch to other providers if they are not treated and engaged so well. Practice administrators and staff are also playing a major role in patient engagement. So having a good rapport with patients is much needed. If we increase patient engagement throughout their patient journey then it will have a great impact on online patient payments.  

Analyze Patient behavior and treat them accordingly

Every patient has their unique behavior and it also differs based on the disease caused by them. So following the same strategy to treat the patients won’t work perfectly as it results in patient dissatisfaction. As a provider, you should formulate a unique strategy to improve patient engagement throughout their journey. This will also help you get more positive feedback/reviews for your service. Once you start increasing patient engagement then you can easily get online patient payments.  So you got the perfect way to increase your patient payment collections at your office.

Remind patients about their payment dues

Most patient payments are unpaid because there is a high possibility for patients to forget about their dues. Hence it's great to send SMS and email reminders to your patient periodically to inform them about their payment dues. Providers who started sending payment dues reminders to patients got massive results in patient payment collections, and also it increased patient engagement significantly.

Pricing Transparency

A recent study indicates that nearly 70% of the patients are more inclined to know about their medical expenses before taking their treatments. So your patients can know about their expenses, so they will plan accordingly for their medical expenses. So if you wish to increase online patient payments then you follow the transparency in pricing.

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