Northern Ireland Protocol: What did Boris Johnson say?

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Northern Ireland Protocol: What did Boris Johnson say?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland - called the protocol - "is turning into a political problem" that needs to be rectified.

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The deal - which he negotiated and signed up to - came into force in January 2021 and means Northern Ireland (NI) still follows some EU rules.

It was aimed at avoiding checks on goods crossing the border with the Republic of Ireland, but it has led to checks on goods arriving in NI from Great Britain (GB).

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) oppose this because it has created a trade barrier with the rest of the UK. It won't allow the formation of a new government in NI unless there are significant changes. However, following the recent elections, a majority of assembly members accept the protocol.

Mr Johnson is pushing for changes to the deal - and the government is considering whether to override parts of it - but this is in marked contrast to what he said about the protocol at the time he negotiated it.