Employer Of Record: The Key To Scaling Up Your Business Quickly

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EOR is a core business shortcut that really can dramatically reduce your time - to - market in any country while enabling you to focus on more important challenges.

Why To Hire an Employer Of Record Services For Your Company?

A professional employer of record not only assists you in hiring overseas, but also takes full responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and best practices. It's never been easier to hire abroad using an EOR structure. Our global employer of record system makes your things easy and reliable.

According to the CFO Research Survey, 58 % of respondents said their organizations use or plan to use an EOR to assist their business strategy in the next 3 years.


Focus Point

  1. The Employer of Record (EOR) system entails a third-party company acting as the legal employers for a client's employees.
  2. International Professional Employer Organizations frequently offer Employer of Record solutions as a means of worldwide expansion.
  3. A Global employer of Record is in charge of payroll, as well as ensuring that the applicable deductions and payments are completed, as well as meeting other employer compliance duties.
  4. The Employer of Record services are generally a more cost-effective and compliant way to expand internationally than forming a separate business or subsidiary.

Let's Find Out The EOR Limitations 

  1. It may not be appropriate for a high number of employees in a single country: Incorporating a corporation and recruiting professionals locally while managing payroll under their own will probably be the best option for a company considering a large-scale expansion/entry into a country. However, if you need to hire people rapidly, an Employer Of Record can be a good alternative. 


  1. The company has no influence over the payroll process in the host country:

Even if it's only for administrative reasons, some firms are hesitant to let the local Employer of Record be the actual 'employer' of the workers. This concept is not always consistent with traditional direct employment standards. As a result, it may be completely new to a corporation. 


  1. The notion of separation of employer and employee:

Because the employer doesn't even have a contractual arrangement with the employees, but instead works through an EoR, they must rely on the employer of record to handle claims, and they cannot exercise their rights locally.


What To  Look For While Selecting An EOR Partner?

Simply ensure that you have completed your due diligence investigation. To begin, find a reliable, experienced workforce solutions firm that can provide you with all of the services you require. Interact with their reps and ask as many questions as you can. Also, request to talk with a few of their existing employment record clients. Are they happy with the services they've experienced thus far? 

When it comes to selecting an EoR partner, it's best to be cautious than sorry. Your employer of record, as your overseas hiring partner, must provide full follow-through by functioning as a fluid extension of your team, giving new employees a corporate intake process that gives them confidence in your company and the next step in their career.

Because they recognize that they are outsourcing legal, tax, and HR infrastructure, a professional EoR not only assists you in hiring overseas, but also takes full responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and best practices. It's never been easier to hire abroad using an employer of record structure.

Our Global Employer Of Record Services

  1. Our employer of record manages employee recruiting and onboarding.
  2. Our eor services discussed working conditions with employees or groups 
  3. Employment record managed directed workers' day-to-day activities 
  4. Employment record discussed working conditions with employees or groups 
  5. Global employer of records provide payroll management which withheld earnings and, in some cases, payroll taxes.The tax authorities were then notified of these charges.
  6. Our eor services assumed responsibility for the health and safety of employees.
  7. Employer of records provide HR benefit administration which ensured that labor/employment rules, such as anti-discrimination statutes, were followed.

Benefits Of Our EoR Services

  1. Our Eor services facilitate payroll management abroad.
  2. Our employment record promote immegration compliance.
  3. Hiring our  human resources will be cost effective operations.
  4. A global employer of record services helps to reduce your time.
  5. EoR companies ensure a smooth and satisfactory employee onboarding process.

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