Who is a sales representative and what are his duties?

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Who is a sales representative and what are his duties?

Who is a sales representative and what are his duties?

Who is a sales representative?

A sales representative is like a communication bridge between customers and a brand or a business. A sales representative will make sure that its customers have correct products or services, he will identify customer leads and new markets for the company, and pitch to prospective consumers. A sales representative is like the face of the brand, from answering the phone calls to examining the brand’s competitors. He or she will look for new opportunities for sale and maintain positive relationships with the consumers and audience. The following article will talk about a few roles and responsibilities of a sales representative. Students who wish to pursue a career in this field and who are doing their specialization in this subject course may find it useful C# Assignment Help.  

What are the roles and responsibilities of a sales representative?

Some of the duties of a sales representative are listed down below,

  • He or she aims to serve and help the customers by trying to sell the brand’s products in order to fulfill their customer needs
  • They take orders, find new accounts and help the existing ones
  • Decide the sales presentation contents by taking the type of trade factor and sales outlet into consideration
  • They need to maintain a track of their every day calling reports, work plan per week, territory analysis per month and year so that they can inform their management about their results and activities
  • They also keep track of the company’s or the brand’s competitors. They check their pricing, new and existing products, and services, techniques used for merchandising, delivery schedules, and collecting data regarding the marketplace currently.
  • Follow-upping with their customers, listening to their complaints regarding the product or services, and trying to resolve it by finding the problems. 
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What are the qualities and skills required to be a good sales representative?

A sales representative should be good at his or her negotiation skill. He or she should meet the goals of sales. They should have good prospecting and closing abilities. Their ultimate goal is to improve customer services. And for that, they must have full knowledge of the services and the products that they are selling. Since they are the main contact point between the company and its customers, they must be confident and positive in their approach to present themselves in a proper and motivating manner. They should have good presentation skills and manage territory. Maintaining relationships with clients will help in generating sales and objectives. These were a few qualities of a sales representative. students who are studying in universities are always looking for “my assignment help” on the internet to get assistance in solving their assignments and university homework. There are many assignment help providers available online, they offer you the best assignment experts who are Ph.D. degree holders and have good knowledge and experience. Next time you have a tight schedule and urgent assignment requirements, call them.