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Find the best wall art in Fairbanks. Buzz unplugged offers the best patent art, dictionary art, nursery art, and musical wall art in Fairbanks.

Wall Art

When you think of art, many people immediately imagine a piece that is hung on a wall. Whether it's an elaborate landscape or graffiti paintings in large urban areas, indoor pieces exist in abundance. But what about outside? This article will introduce you to the world of outdoor art, from street art to mosaics and more.

So, if you're interested in art that's not just limited to first-floor walls, take a look before reading on.

Street Art: What It Is and Where to Find it

Street art is a form of public art which is found in open spaces in urban and suburban areas. These open spaces are usually outdoor walls or urban buildings. This type of art is unique because it takes advantage of the street pole as an 'invisible canvas'. Traditional street art can be done with paint markers and spray paint but also includes things like stickers, adhesive posters and vinyl appliqués. Probably the most well-known form of street art is graffiti. However, this article will primarily focus on more modern street art.

As opposed to graffiti, which is illegal, street art is often done with the full knowledge and support of property owners. Also, if you're wondering where to find these pieces of art, they are found in just as many places as traditional street art. Some may be painted on city walls that are in disrepair or abandoned buildings while others appear on legal walls in industrial areas or residential areas. The possibilities are endless and the placement of each piece is carefully planned to achieve a desired effect. Often these pieces involve the use of computer technology because they have very intricate designs and detailed figures that would otherwise be impossible to create using traditional methods. Read More...

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