The Favor of Quick Wear

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The Favor of Quick WearThe Favor of Quick WearThe Favor of Quick WearThe Favor of Quick WearThe Favor of Quick Wear

Of course the leader of the Demon Sect did not say that he had recently ordered people to sneak into the Tianshan Sect to inquire about the news of Ming Zheng Although Ming Zheng was hidden very tightly by the Tianshan Sect there were so many doctors shaking their heads coming and going that they would know if they asked Bai Xi's previous knife hit the young man's heart and he lost blood for a long time and now he is dying Even if saved I'm afraid it will be empty from now on not as strong as before As soon as Bai Xi made a move he abolished a big disciple of the Tianshan Sect The leader of the Demon Sect raised a smile at the corners of his mouth and then his face darkened You can rest assured that this little beast should deceive your feelings I want him to wait for death! He said in a cold voice Did Ah Chu guess "His medical skills are indeed extraordinary" People are smart too The leader of the Demon Sect said with satisfaction "Just after listening to two sentences I knew that it must be Ming Zheng Apparel who wanted to be cured so I flatly refused" Very good I am very satisfied He seemed to be very satisfied with Ah Zhu's merciless refusal to treat the man who hurt Bai Xi Seeing that Ah Zhu had come up with a basket on his back and his forehead was covered with crystal sweat he could not help raising his eyebrows and saying with a smile "Your body is not good You have no internal force You will sweat profusely if you walk a few steps" He has the nerve to laugh at others and fill up his harem first Bai Xi snorted and came forward to wipe Ah Zhu's forehead The boy came over meekly and asked Bai Xi to wipe himself easily This Lang has a concubine in love which really makes the leader of the Demon Sect angry to death Why is it so hard for him to marry a wife He wanted to go but after thinking about it he said to Ah Chu "If you have time don't worry about those rough men" They have rough skin and thick flesh and they can't die without herbs Spend more time with Axi It's really rare for her to think about someone like this They stood at the end of the road on the top of the mountain and it was obvious that Bai Xi wanted to wait to see Ah Zhu The leader of the Demon Sect did not know that his unscrupulous and free and easy disciple who had been self-willed since childhood had met with sticky feelings and could not help thinking that his Ah Xi was also so wholeheartedly attached when facing Ming Zheng If so Ming Zheng who had failed her would deserve to die She loved him trusted him and wanted to put her life in his hands But what did he give her With a slight effort the folding fan in his hand broke and fell at his feet one by one Bai Xi looked at his master subconsciously and saw that his handsome face was livid After thinking about it he knew what he was angry about Master don't be angry She subconsciously grabbed the man's sleeve and shook it as she did when she was young and whispered "I will not pay attention to the man who makes me sad and worries my master in the future" I will try to become very happy so that the master will not worry about me I will always accompany the master She looked up and made her promise seriously The leader of the Demon Sect should have been very satisfied but somehow she felt that her heart was extremely dull He felt suffocated by a lump in his throat of unpurged and gratuitous bitterness and anger You have a conscience His face however was calm China Manufacturers and he seemed to have a cold snort of pride But if you want to accompany the religious leader does Ah Chu promise He asked raising his eyebrows I will be where Axi is Zhu came over meekly looked up with a shallow smile and said softly to the leader of the Demon Sect "It's right to be filial to your father-in-law" And He silently took out two large money bags from his basket and opened one which was full of small gold and silver ingots and neatly folded silver notes while the other bag was full of very precious pearls and precious stones Bai Xi looked at the shocking wealth and asked Ah Zhu in disbelief "Where did this come from" When he came out of the valley Ah Chu didn't have much silver with him Diagnosis fee Zhu smiled handed both bags to Bai Xi and said earnestly "Here you are" "Do what for me" The beautiful boy laughed pure and soft but there was a flash of brilliance in his eyes Said softly to Bai Xi "I will give you all the money I earn and I won't let you accompany me to bear hardships" ” Bai Xi was suddenly defeated by the love words her ears were red and she felt that her wound should be healed but when she thought of something she suddenly asked in surprise "diagnose gold" Could it be the money received by the people in the Demon Sect recently Bai Xi twitched at the corners of his mouth She thought that the people in the Magic Sect were so enthusiastic about Ah Zhu that it was free for the beautiful young man but now Textiles Leather Products she found herself very silly and naive This is obviously a charge and the charge is not low Look at the small gold ingots and all kinds of precious stones A Zhu pursed his lips showing a shy smile and said in the eyes of the leader of the Demon Sect "Everyone is very nice Don't ask me to do things in vain" People are stupid and have a lot of money That's everyone in the Demon Sect Most of the people who can live in the same mountain with the leader of the Demon Sect are senior members of the Demon Sect How can they have no money Compared with gold silver and precious stones life is the most important thing Miraculous young doctor's medical skill is brilliant at first they do not believe but one of them in the test to get back a prescription and the old dark wound all cured immediately the magic religion boiling Take money for life for them is also a Zhu kind-hearted willing to diagnose for them not only to send money they also feel that they owe the young doctor a great life-saving grace Of course the beautiful young man decisively refused their promise and kindly said that as long as the gold was good He can foresee that he will earn more in the future Daughter-in-law is responsible for spending silver husband is responsible for earning silver "in the eyes of Bai Xi moved a Zhu also took his basket to Bai Xi to see curved eyes show loyalty" There is no private money 341 Sorceress (7) The beautiful young man looked expectantly like "come and praise me" Bai Xi of course praised him Otherwise what if Ah Chu turns back to hide his private money She leaned over kissed the corner of Ah Chu's eye and said softly "Ah Chu you're great!" The leader of the Demon Sect looked away in pain Now he hasn't Is it a little too much for these two little ones to be openly affectionate at that time But this kind of pain can't be said even if it kills the religious leader