Jade BeautyJade Beauty

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Jade BeautyJade BeautyJade BeautyJade BeautyJade BeautyJade BeautyJade Beauty

The little demon in front of him had waist-length silver-white hair and a beautiful face, which was really beautiful, comparable to the Moon Fairy, who was even called the first beauty in heaven, and what attracted Luoshen's attention most was that there was a strange red symbol on his eyebrows, which seemed not to be painted, but not to grow, but it looked so beautiful. It's so beautiful that it breaks your heart. Luo Shen thought of the stunning face with a red cinnabar mole between his eyebrows. With the immortal power of Luo Shen now, it is still impossible to see the original shape of this little demon. But the monster that can conjure up such a beautiful man with a slender waist and snowy skin must be a charming thing. Suddenly, Luo Shen thought of the little fox she had met on Yuling Mountain. I don't know how the little fox who wanted to become an immortal is now. If it also became a human form, what kind of person would it be? Luo Shen's intuition, whether male or female, is a beautiful fairy. Luo Shen slightly curled his head and looked at the little demon with a painful look in his eyes. Somehow, she gradually felt a sense of familiarity: "You.." Who the hell. The little demon showed a wry smile, as if muttering to himself: "I look like this, no wonder she can not recognize..." But Luo Shen heard clearly, her eyebrows can not help but wrinkle deeper, "you are in the end." "I don't have time." He suddenly looked up and said, "I only ask you, don't you want all those men in the world?" "What.." Luo Shen was a little shocked. "What do you want." Those men are imaginary. As soon as I leave,Inflatable 5k obstacle, it's all gone. "Immortals.." It's really fickle. He was clearly laughing, but Luo Shen felt that he was crying, very sad to cry, sad spread, "if I say all this is true." If all those men are waiting for you.. You don't want them. "What.." What. How could. "" Suddenly, the little demon's translucent figure scattered and gathered again. Luo Shen knew that he was using his Taoism. If he did so, he would disperse his thousand-year Taoism. Wouldn't he be distressed. His transparent figure is getting weaker and weaker,Inflatable meltdown, and it seems that he will disappear soon. I really can't. I'm just telling you.. The men you have in the world all exist. They're waiting for you.. And, finally.. He stopped and smiled sadly at Luo Shen, which immediately made Luo Shen's heart clench into a ball. "I just hope you can remember." The one on Yuling Mountain. Fox. Before he could speak, his figure dispersed, but Luo Shen could tell from the shape of his mouth that the word he had not had time to say was "beaver". Beaver? Fox.. Beaver. Little fox? Luo Shen was stunned, and the little fox on Yuling Mountain suddenly appeared in his mind, with snow-white hair, nine tails, black eyes, how to look at how noble, how to look at how beautiful animals. But why did he say little fox? What does the little fox have to do with him? Isn't the little fox still practicing with the little wild cat on Yuling Mountain? Don't they want to be immortals? Why? Why? Why? Luo Shen could no longer calm down, and the sacred pool changed dramatically with her upset mood. Luo Shen knew that it was impossible to be promoted this time, and she broke the commandment of fasting and bathing to purify her mind and body. The cloud and the water heard the change in the temple of the sacred pool and hurried over. When they saw the change in the sacred pool, they were all frightened and frightened. Luo Shen looked at their faces and said angrily, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable indoor park, "Do you know what is right?" The cloud and the water changed their faces, but they both closed their lips and said nothing. What are you hiding from me? Luo Shen stared at them closely. After a long time, the cloud said, "I can't say." "Can't say..?" Suddenly, Luo God seems to know something, they can not say, but she knows who can say. Suddenly, she stood up naked from the sacred pool, waved her hand, and the colorful feather clothes stacked neatly on the edge of the pool flew over. She flew up and turned in a circle in the air. The drops of water on her body dried. The colorful clothes automatically covered her body. By the time she fell to the edge of the pool, she was dressed neatly. She went out. Empress, you can't go. The Empress of Heaven will. The water worries about the tunnel. Luo Shen a meal, but still no turning back to step out. The water left in the temple was in a hurry. "What should I do?"? What to do? This is not good. The empress will.. What to do, cloud? Yunwei frowned and said, "You go to report to the Emperor of Heaven, and I'll follow her.". She must have gone to Yuling Mountain to find the old mountain God! "Good." Shui Yingdao. So the two men split up. In a twinkling of an eye, Luo Shen, who had flown to his former bedroom, passed through the backyard of the bedroom, where there was an unremarkable well. But looking down from the well, I saw a hole in the well, clouds floating by one after another, Luo Shen's sleeve was thrown, the clouds dodged, and I saw the earth of the nine worlds. Luo Shentu jumped into the well. Immortals can't go from heaven to earth if they want to. Or be sent by the Emperor of Heaven, with a pass order to step on the auspicious clouds safely and steadily down to earth. You will be punished if you come down to earth without permission. However, there is a well in the backyard of Luoshen's bedroom, which is a gap left by the war between gods and demons hundreds of millions of years ago. He was accidentally discovered by Luo Shen, who used to sneak down to the mortal world to play when he was in heaven, but he was never caught. Moreover, this well goes straight down, which is the Jade Spirit Mountain in the world. But if you go down from here, you will lose a lot of immortal power, because there are no auspicious clouds to step on, and even if you go down like this, the immortals will go out of their bodies. But when Luo Shen was just feeling sorry for the power of the immortal, he suddenly felt caught by a soft thing. Luo Shen fixed his eyes on it and then smiled. He touched the huge hairy thing under his body and said, "It's you, Bai Ling.". That's very kind of you. And the huge thing that was replaced by Bai Ling was a fierce beast, the mount of Luo Shen, the snow steed beast. Bai Lingtong's body was snow-white, and he wagged his long tail with joy when he heard the praise of Luo Shen. Immortals' mounts are usually kept in captivity in the seventh heaven. It was also by chance that Bai Ling slipped out of the enclosure and happened to pass through the belt when he met his master who had fallen from the top. He carried Luo Shen on his back and rushed to Yuling Mountain. On Yuling Mountain, Luo Shen looked for the old mountain God all over the mountain, but no one was there. Luo Shen pointed to a sapling and said,large inflatable water slide, "Old Mountain God, if you don't show up again, I'll uproot your precious son!" 。 joyshineinflatables.com