Thirty-six stratagems to lure a husband into rebirth

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Thirty-six stratagems to lure a husband into "rebirth"Thirty-six stratagems to lure a husband into "rebirth"

"Dizziness." It was probably soaked for a long time. Shen Yu rubbed his head and made a lazy sound. At that time, he called the camellia ceremony: "Help me up." Chapter 78 going home. August 13 is the most lively day in the imperial city recently. After a few days is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets a lot more people, the hustle and bustle, plus this morning, Zhenguo general and the Duke was transferred back, is set off a storm. Guogongfu and the general office are busy to meet, that said, is really very excited. Early in the morning, Pei Sheng went out and went to pick up people outside the city. And at the same time, Shen Yu began to call the kitchen to prepare meals, or a few days ago specially from the old lady's menu, all of which are the favorite dishes of Guogongye. This side according to the old lady said, all carefully with the servants told good, and personally watched for a while, and then Shen Yu went to Fu'an yuan. As soon as she stepped through the door, the old lady's voice came out before she could call someone. Shen Yu, come and have a look. Shen Yu's compartment followed the sound and went into the inner room. "The old lady wore a drooping horse bun, a pair of gold earrings inlaid with snowflakes and black stones, and a suet jade five-bat Ruyi hairpin in her bun. She was in high spirits, and even her eyes were full of light." Which of these clothes do you think looks good? Shen Yu looked down her eyes and saw several servant girls in front of her, each holding a suit of clothes. The sinking fish glanced slowly past. Both of them are good, and the lake color shows the complexion, especially this one. The plain makeup and embroidery are very good, which makes people look bright at the moment. The sinking fish is also naturally unable to give an accurate answer, is on the past, praised. The old lady picked up the lake-colored vase makeup flower that Shen Yu said, held it in her hand, compared it with the makeup mirror, then remembered something, frowned, and turned to look at another rose-purple dress. The sinking fish could probably see what the old lady was hesitating about. This lake-colored one is very good. Mother, your complexion is white. Wearing this, you are younger. With the sunshine outside,a333 grade 6 pipe, you are really beautiful. Shen Yu knew that the old lady was now, after all, the mother of a family, and should dress calmly, but in the final analysis, she was only in her early forties, and in front of her husband, she naturally wanted to look young and good-looking. Sure enough, Shen Yu's words hit the old lady's heart. Although she no longer hesitated, nodded, and asked the servant girl to take the lake-colored dress and go behind the screen to change it. After a while, he tidied up and came out. Can be really not seen for a long time the fresh color, set off the face bright, with the previous kind of calm appearance is completely different. Mingyan also praised her again and again, saying that her ladyship's appearance was no different from that of twenty years ago. Although the old lady did not speak, she looked into the mirror with a deep smile. So Shen Yu immediately followed the words, but also a good praise. Her mouth is sweet, the words that say can let a person hear the heart to go, uns s32750 sheet ,x56 line pipe, the contrast is not fierce, straight let a person listen to the heart to blossom like. ...... It was exactly noon. There was a sound of a horse's hooves outside, and in an instant, it stopped abruptly. It was already in the main hall, but when she heard the sound, the old lady's eyes lit up, stood up, went to the door, and looked at the door. Shen Yu followed the old lady step by step. Pei Wei and Pei Xiao are also busy to follow up. The vermilion door is open, a road just leads to this side, when the time, the line of sight does not leave any obstruction. The black figure is walking in the front. Strong and burly. In Shen Yu's memory, Tong Gong had seen Guo Gongye once, that is, on the day she married Pei Sheng, above the high hall, he could not see very clearly, but only remembered the fierce momentum. He is indeed the man who went to battle to kill the enemy. It can frighten people to tremble at a glance. This time he wore a black suit, hair pulled up, neat, grim face, and Pei Sheng has five or six points similar, more is a bit of momentum, every step over, is solid. And Pei Sheng followed him. At that moment, Shen Yu obviously saw tears in the old lady's eyes, but looking at the occasion, he immediately pressed it down, turned his back and gently wiped it away. Zi Yan. "The old lady called out, then smiled, walked two steps to the front, waiting to stand still, this time, looked up and down.". He was much thinner and darker than before he went out, but the firmness between his eyes was even worse. At that time, the only thought was that it was good to come back well. In the countless days and nights of his absence, she was always worried about his safety, the danger of the border, and on the battlefield, the sword was even more blind. She was afraid that when she woke up that day, she would receive the bad news that she could not bear. And after so much trepidation, finally, I saw him standing in front of me. Don't mention how happy you are in your heart. Yijun, you've lost weight again. As soon as Pei Ji saw the old lady, his first words were a deep sigh, his eyes were sad and full of heartache. He knew that for so many years, he was not often at home, and that it was really hard for the whole Guogongfu to rely on her as a woman. Three meals a day has never been missing, where is the possibility of thin ah.. "The old lady answered with a smile and shaking her head.". The first two men went in and sat down, talked for a while, and then came out of their minds. In the back, Pei Wei and Pei Xiao called out "Dad". Shen Yu bent over and saluted, saying, "Father." Pei Ji looked up and glanced over. Then he nodded his head in response to their calls. The boldness of vision in the room made people jump and dare not make any sound. Rao was as lawless as Pei Xiao. At this time, he lowered his head and said nothing. They have grown taller and grown up. Pei Ji nodded and sighed,uns c70600, eyes on Pei Wei body, at that time there was a slight daze, and then slowly moved the line of sight away. There was no more to say.