Through the Overhead Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder author: like water years, fleeting years.

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Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder" author: like water years, fleeting years.

Even Yu Ying is very sensitive to one thing, these people living in the periphery of the ghost, the body temperature is obviously lower than normal people, the face is also pale, some Yang deficiency feeling, what is going on? Although Yu Ying did not know what was going on, but intuitively, some feelings were not right, at this time, something wanted to invade the body, the feeling of cold was quietly extinguished by Yu Ying. At that moment, Yu Ying felt that the feeling of wanting to invade, some like ghosts, or thinking of such tricks as seizing the house, thinking of this, Yu Ying felt that these people were not right. But Yu Ying did not know what this was, so she did not speak, but Yu Ying wanted to see the development behind. This is close to the ghost, how can even these people have a kind of gloomy feeling? When she couldn't make up her mind, Yu Ying planned to rest early so that she could have the spirit to explore ghosts the next day. At the moment of entering the room, I suddenly found that there was an outsider in the room I lived in. Now Yu Ying was upset and her face turned slightly black. What was this for? No wonder those people looked a little strange just now. However, Yu Ying still pretended not to see it, and took Ah Yi over and pushed the door open. She saw a woman with a little color, who came up to meet her. Her small melon seed face looked a little pale against her black hair, but her skin was very delicate. Who are you? Who let you in? Yu Ying stood in the doorway, looking at the woman,347 stainless steel, what is this? Clearly has refused the proposal of those people, the result of those people actually pretend not to hear, sent people in? Think of here, Yu Ying is very unhappy, regard oneself as see anxious goat. Men and women are different. Get out quickly. Yu Ying's voice is cold, even lower than the temperature at the moment, this anger is not aimed at this woman, to know that women often listen to other people's arrangements. After saying this, Yu Ying stepped back to make way. But when the beautiful woman heard these words, her eyes showed some hurt expression,321 stainless steel sheet, and then she lowered her head, revealing her graceful neck, and tears fell down like pearls. But her crying did not move Yu Ying. Instead, Yu Ying frowned and said, "Go!" That woman soon discovered this point, speaking of, this time to serve the beautiful Dao Ye, she is very excited, you know, in the face value, Dao Ye left her a few streets. Although she is the most beautiful woman in the whole village, she is still far from it. But the elder said that if she could have a spring breeze with this beautiful Taoist master, and then conceive the child of this Taoist master, then she would have made a great contribution. Even later, she could stop doing such things and live in peace with her husband. Even when her own daughter grew up, she didn't have to serve the guests. For this, the woman decided to fight. Thinking of this, she already knew that the opposite Dao Ye, 316ti stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, in fact, was not the Lord of cherishing fragrance and pity jade, nor did she like to see women crying, so she quickly wiped away her tears with some charm. Speaking of it, she has served many men, so she still has the experience of hooking up with men. So she left the house and walked slowly to the vicinity of Yu Ying. Then she stumbled and rushed towards Yu Ying, waving her hands and shouting at the same time: "Help!" And Yu Ying suddenly stepped back, no! Unexpectedly to this move, but Yu Ying is a woman, naturally will not get into trouble, even under the strafing of divine consciousness, see those who came to the village with Yu Ying, have begun to exercise. So Yu Ying smiled coldly. These villagers are really funny. What do they think of their wives and daughters? Let them serve the passers-by, this is clearly. Yu Ying did not expect to encounter such a situation here. In the final analysis, women are inferior in their eyes, and they are objects. Seeing all this, Yu Ying threw her sleeve and attacked the place where many people were hiding. Then she said with a sneer, "It's funny to do such a dirty thing." Say that finish, Yu Ying took Ah Yi to leave, those people who dare not stop, can only watch helplessly. At the same time, they are still regretting that they have not succeeded in borrowing seeds. Yu Ying, who left the house, felt a little angry. What was going on? It seems that this situation, they are used to, because of this, it is terrible! But Yu Ying is impossible to kill these people, because speaking of, those people have been used to that kind of bad habits, white as black, black as white, so Yu Ying can only run away. So Yu Ying found another place to rest. Looking at the black forest, Yu Ying soon lost her anger and had no other ideas, but began to adjust her breath and adjust her body to the best condition. When she finally felt that she could go for a fight, Yu Ying, with some dry food and water bags on her back, went into the ghost. After entering the ghost, Yu Ying walked and felt that she was going down, so Yu Ying understood why there was a ghost? It is said that in broad daylight, ghosts should not appear, because here may be underground, there has been no sunlight to enter, over time, there are ghosts, and even more and more powerful, ghosts appear. Later, Yu Ying already felt like she was in a dark place. Fortunately, some shiny plants could still shine faintly, making Yu Ying's actions here as usual. After all, Yu Ying's six senses are far more than normal. And the divine consciousness also plays a big role. If it weren't for the spooky atmosphere, there would even be hissing ghosts. Looking at Yu Ying's leisurely movements, I thought she was here to go shopping. But Yu Ying looked leisurely, in fact, the heart has been vigilant, pay attention to the surroundings, because the vicinity is already full of ghosts, just because Yu Ying has a kind of indescribable dignity, so that those ghosts dare not go up. But Yu Ying is a living person,uns s32760 plate, so there is a kind of indescribable temptation, so that those ghosts dare not move forward, and do not want to leave.