Peerless Tangmen

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Peerless TangmenPeerless TangmenPeerless TangmenPeerless Tangmen

Huo Yuhao took a deep look at Zheng Zhan, and then cast his eyes on the smiling world of mortals in the distance, without saying anything. But his eyes were as sharp as a blade. Thinking of the previously incomprehensible golden purple light of terror, even Zheng Zhan felt his scalp tingling under his gaze. Go back. Huo Yuhao said lightly. He did not pursue it any further. This is the Empire of the Moon. Even if it is not the Empire of the Sun and the Moon, he can not get more words in this competition field. Everything can only be solved in the game. Ji Juechen pushed Huo Yuhao's wheelchair and returned to the direction of the war zone. When Huo Yuhao passed by Wang Donger, he looked at her silently, then stretched out his right hand and took her hand. But the expression on his face was still cold. Wang Donger secretly looked at him, thinking to himself, fortunately he is now displaying the ability to keep calm, otherwise, otherwise. She couldn't imagine the consequences. In the VIP lounge. Wang Qiuer eyes strange light, has been quietly staring at Huo Yuhao, eyes seem to flash something, the right hand consciously clenched the armrest of the chair. Only she could feel the light from the eyes of Huo Yuhao's fate, which was filled with a kind of crazy catharsis. At that moment, even Wang Qiuer was in a trance. She also did not know, if changed is oneself to face Huo Yuhao, can block such a blow. If Huo Yuhao is a dragon, then Wang Donger is his inverse scale. Back in the waiting zone,316l stainless steel pipe, Wang Donger immediately took out the bottle and began to restore his soul. Huo Yuhao held her hand, and the power of Haodong began to run in the main direction of Wang Donger's body. Next game, second brother, please. Huo Yuhao said in a deep voice. Wang Donger suddenly opened his eyes, "I, I can do it." Huo Yuhao glanced at her coldly. "Shut up.". In the face of the enemy's carelessness, he did not even take precautions against an enemy who still had combat effectiveness. Go up again and die? As I said, there can only be one voice in the team. I am the commander,x70 line pipe, and you must follow my orders. Wang Donger pouted, eyes have begun to twinkle, Huo Yuhao has never used this tone to speak to her. I hate it. I hate it so much. He Caitou laughed and said, "Don't worry, Donger, give it to the Second Elder Martial Brother.". I'll blow their heads off one by one. Wang Donger gently nodded, although she was somewhat dissatisfied with Huo Yuhao's tone at this time, but that is her man after all, now is not the time to lose her temper, will affect her man's prestige in the team command. After a quarter of an hour's rest, it was not Wang Donger who came to the stage again. The members of the Yueyue Team who came to the stage on the opposite side could not help but be stupefied. Zheng Zhan has been standing there since he came to the center of the field. He looked at Xian and Cai Tou and said, "If you change people, Wang Dong will admit defeat." "Mmm." He Caitou walked to the center of the competition stage, uns c68700 ,316 stainless steel plate, took a look at Zheng Zhan and nodded. Under the stage, the laughing world of mortals almost went on a rampage. The team member he just sent up is specifically aimed at Wang Donger's fighting characteristics. But there was a change in Tangmen. In his view, Tangmen clearly wants to preserve its strength and let Wang Donger play in the next team match. None of them could see Wang Donger's injuries clearly, but from the fact that she could still sit beside Huo Yuhao, they could see that it would not be too serious. Cunning, this is really too cunning! Huo Yuhao's arrangement has the meaning of disrupting the opponent's rhythm. It's not just because Wang Donger is angry because of his carelessness. Zheng Zhan said in a deep voice, "Both sides have common names." "Tangmen and Caitou." "Yue Yue Royal Soul Tutor Academy, Xiao Ping." Zheng Zhan said in a deep voice, "Both sides retreat.". Get ready for the game. In the game, follow my orders. If anyone dares to attack after I announce the result, then I have the right to find him guilty. No one dares to ignore the threat of a nine-level soul teacher. He Caitou and Xiao Ping each promised and retreated toward the edge of their own competition platform. This is the third match of the individual elimination competition. To be exact, it should be the fourth game, because Wang Donger also gave up one game. The total score is two to one, and Tangmen is dominant. Moreover, with the victory of two matches, they have basically ensured that they will enter the team competition stage. Arriving at the edge of the competition platform, he turned around and looked into the distance with his eyes burning. Take a step forward with your left foot and make a movement as if you were going to sprint. On the other side, Xiao Ping's eyes are full of fierce, like a leopard ready to go. With his right hand raised high, Zheng Zhan looked at the two sides separately, and then suddenly waved down, announcing the start of the game. Xiao Ping moved at the moment Zheng Zhan waved his hand, and the soul guide propeller behind him suddenly flashed, just as Wang Donger had approached Zhou Xinghao before, like lightning rushing towards the head of the vegetable. Yes, he is a melee soul teacher. Xiao Hongchen is going to use it to fight with Wang Donger. While his body was rushing forward, Xiao Ping had a spear in his hand. His spear has sharp points at both ends. In the process of rushing forward, a strong light has begun to shine. Three of the soul rings on his body lit up alternately, making his own soul powerful. He Caitou, who made a sprint step, also moved at the moment when his opponent started. Of course, he would not use the soul-guided battery tactics, like Zhou Xinghao, who fell behind directly. As soon as his right hand was lifted, a soul-guided cannon appeared on his right arm, and a group of silver light flew out in an instant. Flying out but twenty meters, it had already exploded, turned into a silver net of light, and enveloped Xiao Ping, who was rushing rapidly. Although Xiao Ping's eyes are full of bloodthirsty desire, but in this bloodthirsty is still calm, the chest suddenly lit up a group of white light, the original forward body suddenly stopped, followed by a strong layer of soul fluctuations on the whole body. Accompanied by the armor in the "clang" sound covering the whole body at the same time,x52 line pipe, his whole person has been pushed out. Do not look down upon this positive and negative, in the case of rapid forward rush, suddenly reverse push. The impact of oneself alone is not something that ordinary people can withstand.