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Close bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguardClose bodyguard

Under pressure, the Japanese once again asked their master for support. This time, however, their hopes were disappointed. Because the United States is furious because of the heavy losses of their power troops, the Sea Eagle, they come to the door on their own initiative at this time, is it not due to pumping? Besides, the Japanese were so ambitious that they hid such a shocking conspiracy, which naturally made the Americans unhappy. They needed the development of the East to exhaust China, but they did not want to see an uncontrollable East. Without the strong foreign aid of the United States, the Japanese did not solve the public anger of other countries and could only shift the responsibility to the Mitsui family. Ask them to make a sincere apology. The Sanhe family will naturally kick the ball to Sankaiyan. After all, he is the direct swinger of the matter. The matter was exposed, and they were responsible. But what makes Ye Qiu curious is that Mitsui Yan will choose to negotiate with himself, or is he ready to let go and kill himself? Ye Qiu had a premonition that they would choose the former. Ye Shao, do you want them back? Simon asked to the east. Tell them I accept the invitation. Ye Qiu said with a smile. Although Ximen Xiangdong wondered why Ye Qiu was willing to take risks, he still ordered the housekeeper to follow Ye Qiu's orders. Ye Shao, would you like to transfer some people to be your bodyguard? Simon said kindly to the east. No need. I have enough people on hand. Ye Qiu said. He has organized the Dragon Organization these days. Unexpectedly, after the last rescue, his reputation reached its peak among the celestial powers. Even some people who were not rescued by him from the bottom of the sea came to join the dragon because they admired his character. He divided the dragons into thirty groups, the Dragon Teeth Group,ultrasonic cutting machine, which was mainly responsible for fighting. It is equivalent to the war department. Longan Group is mainly responsible for information collection and processing. Equivalent to the Ministry of Intelligence. However, it is very difficult for them to deal with such information, and Ye Qiu has selected some elite people to assist them in doing such work. The Dragon Claw Team is mainly responsible for supervising duty. It's like a discipline inspection department. And the number of dragons has expanded to more than two hundred. There are more than two hundred gifted people, which makes people feel palpitated. How imposing would it be to let more than two hundred celestial people wear uniform suits, striped ties and black super glasses and walk side by side on the street? However, Ye Qiu did not explain the dragon's problem to Ximen Xiangdong. For these ordinary people, the less they know, the better. They are ordinary people, what are they? "Ye Qiu suddenly thought.". Half-man? Half-demon? Ladyboy? Mitsui Yan invited the venue for the talks at the Peninsula Hotel, where the business group led by Mitsui Yan lived. If something happens, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, the Hong Kong government will be involved. Since Ye Qiu promised to meet with San and Yan, naturally he would not fail to take precautions. There is no elite to take the west gate to the east, nor to choose the members of the thunder team. What he has to do is very complicated, and if these people with military nature are involved in the second thing, the impact is extremely bad. So he brought his old partners: Long Nu and Xiao Bai. Swiss veterans, on the other hand, stayed at the Peninsula Hotel with Longya powder as guests. If there was any problem, they could rush to the scene for rescue at the first time. Of course, Longya had some image packaging before entering the hotel. Otherwise, the hotel is likely to report a suspected terrorist. Taking the elevator to the 19th floor of the Peninsula Hotel, Ye Qiu felt great pressure as soon as he entered the corridor. They actually packed the entire floor, standing in the corridor are all the bodyguards brought by Mitsui Yan. Moreover, Ye Qiu felt that the rooms on both sides of the corridor were all Mitsui Yan's people. As soon as something happens, they will rush out. Hello. I'm Suzuki. Master Mitsui's housekeeper. The middle-aged man held out his hand to Ye Qiu. xiAoshUotxt.cOm 671st, poison! Or is it more appropriate to call you a water ghost? Ye Qiu smiled and shook hands with Suzuki. He had already got the information of the master brought by Mitsui Yan to Hong Kong from Silver Eye. Among them, the key introduction is the male assistant with the alias of Suzuki. A name is just a code name. Don't you think Mr. Ye? Suzuki was not annoyed by Ye Qiu's exposure on the spot and said with an expressionless face. Pretty good. So, let's go see Mr. Mitsui. "Ye Qiu said with a smile.". Pointing to the bodyguards standing on both sides of the corridor, he sneered and said, "I can see that Mr. Mitsui is a very cautious man." "Because Mr. Ye Qiu is a person worthy of attention." Suzuki is still the same expressionless face. Please also take out the weapons you are carrying. "Take out the weapon?" Ye Qiu narrowed his eyes and laughed. Mr. Water Ghost, I don't think you understand a problem. It was your master San Bingyan who invited me to meet, not me who offered to visit. If I'm not happy, I can turn around and leave now. Besides, we've given you all our weapons. What if we fall into your ambush? When the time comes, I will let you slaughter the body for the fish. This place is your choice. How do I know what you are hiding in the room? "Since we have invited Mr. Ye Qiu to be a guest, we must treat each other with courtesy." Suzuki explained. Say something, maybe you don't like it very much. Ye Qiu shook his lips and said, "I will never trust what any Japanese says." You, the water ghost, are furious and look for an opportunity in your eyes. If you insist on searching, then I don't think there is any need to meet. Let's go back. Ye Qiu finished, but also really turned to go. Xiao Bai stared at the water ghost with an alert face, beware of what kind of sneak attack he made. There was loud applause in the corridor, and a thin and handsome young man came over. "Mr. Ye is not only good at means, but also sharp in words,ultrasonic spray nozzle," he said in Chinese, which is not very standard. Admire. "You are Sanbing Yan?" Ye Qiu asked with a smile. He has seen the photos of Sanpingyan from some media, which are somewhat different from his own.