Suppressor is my dad?!

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Suppressor is my dad?!Suppressor is my dad?!Suppressor is my dad?!Suppressor is my dad?!Suppressor is my dad?!

As Yin spoke, he kept staring at Oda Sakunosuke. After all, Qi Mu Nan Xiong's appearance is only thirteen years old, and he doesn't look like he can be called "sir". I'm sorry about that. Oda Sakunosuke held his head with some embarrassment. "The one next to me is Mr. Qi Mu." Yin slowly turned his head. [Hello] …… Hey?! Mr. Qi Mu who can release the sun? Is it a child? Are you looking down on children? Don't you know that children can also be detectives to deal with all kinds of things? Still in the child stage of the next endure, but also can blow up the world oh? Perhaps Qi Mu Nan Xiong's eyes are too direct, hidden members bow their heads, "sorry sorry." "Then [Mr. Qi Mu], can you come with me?" Qi Mu Nan Xiong stood up. [No problem] *** Along the way, the two men were silent. In other words, when the hidden member just wanted to say something, he saw the pink hair of Qi Mu Nan Xiong and fell into infinite silence. Is it the same hair color as Lord Love Pillar? Look at this.. Is it the brother of Lord Love Pillar? Or. The fiance who went out of his way to catch up with him for love? Hidden members have a big brain hole. Qi Mu Nan Xiong maintained a paralyzed face and silently rejected it in his heart. His hair is natural. If he hadn't passed the barrier of being sad because of the different hair color, maybe he would have controlled the world and made everyone's hair color strange. As for the love pillar in this population,ultrasonic dispersion machine, sorry, I don't know it? He's not going to get involved with girls. *** "Master, Mr. Qi Mu has brought it." The hidden member's voice fell, and in an instant,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, everyone's eyes fell on Qi Mu Nan Xiong as if they were substantive. Qi Mu Nan Xiong looked at that row of hairstyles, and even several color changes, calmly showing a trace of surprise in his pupils. It seems that he is not the only one who is "special". Pink, pink hair! The honey glass of Ganlu Temple covered his mouth, and his light blue eyes blinked gently. It turns out that there are people in the world who have the same hair color as her. Although it was changed later, it was so exciting, QAQ. One side of the Yi Hei Xiaobanei cast an unhappy look at Qi Mu Nan Xiong. Qi Mu Nan Xiong:.. Anxin confesses that he will never rob people. In this situation where both sides are silent. The head of the ghost killing team, the delivery house, said, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "I'm sorry I took the liberty to invite you here." "I just want to make a special inquiry-can you release the sun?" As he sat there quietly, he became a picture in himself. Once they make a sound, they will pull people into the endless calm and sweep away the troubles in their hearts. Qi Mu Nan Xiong likes this feeling very much. But at the same time, we also found a problem. Qi Mu Nan Xiong teleportation, came directly to the side of the delivery house. Pillars:!!! That guy.. When did it pass? "My Lord!" The delivery house "looked straight ahead" and raised his hand to signal the group to calm down. Don't worry about me. I believe this Mr. Qi Mu has no malice. Is that right? Mr. Qi Mu? Qi Mu Nan Xiong quietly looked at every move of the delivery house, and his eyes swept over the ugly looking scar. He reached out his hand and touched it gently on the forehead of the delivery house. [Time backtracking] Shiya Shiyao opened his eyes wide in an instant. The vague and pale world, suddenly rolled up by the force, gradually took back his original light. Moments. Qi Mu Nan Xiong withdrew his hand and pulled it out as early as the moment he started. The pillar of the sun wheel knife had fallen beside him. 。“ Dare to hurt my Lord, you fellow- "Little Barnet." It sounded like a clear spring. My Lord, you. Ihei Little Bane opened his eyes wide. Your curse, lifted? *** How happy it is to be able to see the light once again and see everyone in front of us. But the delivery house didn't think of it. Is Mr. Qi Mu in the mouth of the kitchen door Tanjiro such a small child? Nope. Should not be called a child. After all, they have been cursed for generations, and their life span has been infinitely shortened. At the age of Qi Mu Nan Xiong, they have already become the father of several children in their home. My lovely children, don't worry about me. The delivery house was full of smiles, and then he looked aside at Qi Mu Nan Xiong. As early as I knew that you could release the sun, I knew that you were not very simple. I wonder if you can tell me, Mr. Qi Mu. How did you cure this "curse"? The delivery house did not say all. The pillar who always cast a worried look on his side was indeed reliable, but it was about the ghost dance, and he dared not tell the group about the relationship between the family and the ghost dance. If you let this group of people know: the head of the ghost killing team and the ghost king ghost dance are not miserable, according to the blood, they are the same family. Even if you trust enough, you will think of some things that are not very good. He naturally trusted these lovely children. As for the rest of the darkness, let him bear it alone? Qi Mu Nan Xiong, who doesn't want to stand out at all:. He was simply aware that there was a breath of the will of the world in the birth house. Think of the world before the will of all kinds of death, almost aware of the other side of the moment, directly started to eliminate. It was only after the elimination that I found out. The will of this world is not the same as the God who never stops dying. Delivery house is naturally aware of Qi Mu Nan Xiong's discomfort, "you don't want to say it?"? All right. "My Lord!"! Why don't you let the butterfly have a good check? In case this person is who. "I believe Mr. Qi Mu." "Mr. Qi Mu looks cold,ultrasonic handheld welder, but his heart should be very soft," he said with a light smile. If not, they would not have cured my illness as soon as they met. 。