Reborn Ace Owl Wife

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Reborn Ace Owl WifeReborn Ace Owl WifeReborn Ace Owl WifeReborn Ace Owl Wife

The servants could not see the picture clearly from a distance, but a few people close to An Chenxi could see it clearly. Sitting near An Chenxi were Hua Lao and the disciples of Dan Zong. They naturally knew what was on the picture, but they didn't understand why An Chenxi had made such a picture at the moment. What was he going to do? A disciple couldn't help but open his mouth and say, "Little." Small Younger martial sister, this is not. Before the disciple had finished speaking, An Chenxi shook his head at him and gave him a stop look, indicating that he should not ask or say more. The disciple scratched his head and stopped talking. Other people do not know what an Chenxi is doing in the end, is a face of curiosity and doubt, but think of before an Chenxi said that, at this time the people are also interesting did not speak, just sit and wait to see what an Chenxi want to do. An Chenxi turned the paper over on the table and said to the servants seriously, "You all stand on the left and come one by one to identify what you see. Write it on the white paper and answer it truthfully. If it's false, once you find it, you will never forgive it lightly!"! The person who has finished watching stands on the right, and there can be no communication during this period. Do you understand? The servants nodded and replied, "I understand!" "Let's start with you, uncle housekeeper." An Chenxi said to the old housekeeper, An Chenxi did not intend to let anyone go, even if the old housekeeper had been with Hua Lao for decades, but for the sake of safety, he had to verify it. Old Hua saw that an Chenxi didn't even let the old housekeeper go. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but was stopped by an Chenxi gently pulling the corner of his clothes. The old housekeeper in Dan Zong for decades, see the strange atmosphere at the scene, and after the servants came in,Granite Slab Supplier, Hua Lao did not speak, has been an morning evening in the command, the old housekeeper also aware of what must have happened, the old housekeeper life is loyal, line is sitting straight, although an morning evening did not let go of his verification, but the old butler did not show displeasure, is still a respectful attitude,Stone Honeycomb Panel, He stepped forward calmly and stood at the table. An Chenxi used his body as a shield to isolate the sight of other servants and showed the picture on the paper to the old housekeeper for identification. The old housekeeper only took one look, then wrote the result on the white paper and handed it to An Chenxi. An Chenxi took a look at the result on the paper, folded the paper, took it in his hand, nodded to the old housekeeper, and said, "Uncle housekeeper will go to the side to rest for a while." The old housekeeper stood on the right side, followed by other servants in turn to identify, ten minutes later, all the identification is over, Qi Qi all stood on the right side, a group of servants do not understand what an morning night means, but now everyone did not speak, and an morning night is also a cold face, which makes all the servants feel perturbed, extremely uneasy, think of an morning night before The servants did not dare to speak, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Pietra Gray Marble, so they could only stand aside without daring to speak. An Chenxi looked carefully at the results written down by all the servants and came to a conclusion in his mind. She glanced over the servants one by one, and finally fell on the deputy manager. She remembered that the deputy manager's surname was Chen. The deputy manager looked like he was in his early forties, with a square face. From his appearance, he was very honest. When An Chenxi's eyes fell on him, he subconsciously tightened his hands, his eyes floating, and did not dare to look at An Chenxi. An Chenxi narrowed his eyes and asked in a cool tone, "Deputy Director Chen, how did Dan Zong treat you?" This deputy director Chen is older than her. Although he is the deputy director of the servant, out of courtesy, An Chenxi should call him uncle, but at the moment An Chenxi did not want to be so polite to him, so he simply used the title of "deputy director Chen". Very. Very good "Deputy Director Chen was naturally aware of An Chenxi's attitude, and for a moment he replied." How good is it? How good? Of course, that was very good, so good that Deputy Director Chen did not know how to answer for a moment. When his business went bankrupt, his wife and son abandoned him with only a few million yuan, and quickly fled abroad. He was seriously ill at that time, and was pursued for debts. When he was most down and out, it was Hua Lao who saved him, cured him, and left him in Danzong to help with internal affairs, saying that he was helping. In fact, Hua Lao would give him a good commission every month to help him pay off his debts. It can be said that Dan Zong is his food and clothing parents, and Hua Lao is his savior, if there is no Hua Lao without Dan Zong, he would have died long ago, how can he have the opportunity to stand here. Seeing that Deputy Director Chen was silent, An Chenxi said, "It seems that this question is very difficult for Deputy Director Chen to answer." "Hua Lao's grace, Dan Zong's grace, Chen Mou's cattle and horses can not be repaid!" With these words, Deputy Director Chen knelt down with a "thump" in front of everyone. Seeing this, Hua Lao stood up and wanted to help him. An Chenxi stopped Hua Lao. At the same time, he couldn't help sighing secretly. His master's heart was too soft. It hadn't started yet. He couldn't bear to see people kneeling down. After a while, he revealed the truth. Vice Supervisor Chen cried bitterly and said a few good words. What was his master going to do? "In that case, why did you bite the hand that feeds you and poison your benefactor, and why did you inflict injustice on Dan Zong?" An Chenxi asked sternly. As soon as this remark was made, the scene was in an uproar. Small Younger martial sister, you.. What do you mean.. It's poison. It's deputy director Chen. Down? Nope You can't! "This.." Younger martial sister, you.. Are you doing.. Did you make a mistake? "Just.." Yes! Younger martial sister, Deputy Supervisor Chen.. Honest, how could. To do such a thing! The disciples of Dan Zong scrambled to open their mouths, and some of them did not believe that the poison was done by Deputy Director Chen. An Chenxi was not affected by the disciples, and his eyes still fell on Deputy Director Chen. "Do you feel guilty when you hear so many people defending you?" Deputy Director Chen did not refute, nor did he admit it. He only hung his head and kept silent, but his face was pale. Seeing Deputy Supervisor Chen's appearance, the disciples of Dan Zong looked at each other even more. Only the three of them, Uncle Hua Zhen and Uncle Lu, saw clearly that they were the elders of Dan Zong, and their minds were naturally more transparent than those of the disciples. Seeing Deputy Supervisor Chen's reaction, they knew that the poisoning had something to do with him. For a moment,Marble Projects, they all showed some anger. The guests at the scene are also fine people, heard this naturally also understand how to return a responsibility, for a time all look at the deputy director Chen with different expressions.