The Holy King

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The Holy KingThe Holy KingThe Holy KingThe Holy KingThe Holy King

"Unfortunately, I heard that the Lord of Hundred Battles and the Lord of Yihua Palace were fighting for godhood. In the war between the two, they were completely defeated. The Lord of Hundred Battles was killed by the Lord of Yihua Palace on the spot. Then the army of Yihuagong launched an attack and attacked the Hundred Battle Gate. Even the artifacts of the Hundred Battle Gate were collected and became booty. Now these people of the Hundred But let's not laugh at Baizhan Nunnery. This man must be a boy's pet. Their status will be much higher than ours. "Bai Zhan'an is such an arrogant person that he will not be willing to become a boy's pet." One of the gods said, "But people have to bow their heads under the eaves. The glory of the past has disappeared with the present." "Now we just want to wait for the arrival of the flower God, and it's enough to choose us as male pets." "In addition to the flower God, there are also long Lao Wang and all kinds of messengers in the Yihua Palace. Even if the saint chooses us as a boy pet, it's better than being a prisoner of the gods. It's better to be bullied by these eunuchs who are neither male nor female every day. Hey!" "Yes, if it's not good, it will be reformed and treated as a eunuch, so it's better to die." …… Some of the gods will be talking, making Yang Qi know that the group of overbearing prisoners in front of him is from Baizhan Gate, this group of characters have been captured, we can see the luck of Yihua Palace, now at the height of its power. When Yang Qishi displayed the art of looking at Qi, he saw many auspicious clouds, invisible to the naked eye, coming from the depths of the void one after another and gathering on the top of the Yihua Palace, which made the Qi of the Yihua Palace as strong as fire. All the time, there were thousands of rays and thousands of auspicious Qi. Any disciple of Yihua Palace was infected with this Qi. When he was away from home,smart whiteboard price, he could get great benefits. That is to say, in the secular world, the people of the government are sheltered by the system, and everyone takes a high look. Even the robbers did not dare to oppose the government. When they heard that they were from the government, they were in awe and fear. This is the power of luck. The general trend of heaven and earth is rolling like a tide. Boom! As soon as the people of Baizhan Gate came over, many flowers came out of thin air in the sky. Among these flowers, many disciples of the Saint of Yihua Palace,touch screen kiosk, as well as a noble flower God, came. Welcome the arrival of the flower God. Some of the eunuchs bowed their heads respectfully. Some saints and two flower gods came here and looked at the gods in the prison one by one, as if they were looking at a group of goods. Among them, Yang Qi saw two masters, the Jade Epiphyllum God and the Snow Lotus God, who received the proud people. Right? Also do not know that the palace master comes back, will not go to see the immortal king Fu and the letter? Once you see it, isn't it that all the things in the treasure house are exposed? It's earth-shaking, but it's all possible to count on Ye Wudao's head! Yang Qi had some regrets in his heart. In the past few months, he did not go to the treasure house, because he could not go. If he caused a slight disturbance, it would be a great uproar. It was a pity that the billion God array was only cracked by 20 million. Have you arrived at the Baizhan Gate? Outside, the incomparably beautiful flower God, interactive kiosk price ,face recognition identification kiosk, Yuhu laughed and asked Tian Da eunuch. On the flower God, these people of Baizhan Gate have just been escorted over. "It's inside," said Tian Da's eunuch hurriedly. "I'll have them brought out." As they spoke, they waved their hands. A group of little eunuchs hurriedly went in and brought some of the hundred battle gates to the front of the flower God. They pressed them one by one and knelt down. As soon as the jade epiphyllum flower God caught them, the hundred battle gate master was arrested. She went up and gently brushed her fingers on the young master's face. Baizhan Nunnery, we meet again. I remember when you were on Tongshen Ancient Road, you were imposing and seemed to be a talented young master. You also said that sooner or later you would take all the women in our Yihua Palace as harem. What's wrong now? It's like being a prisoner of our Yihua Palace. Jade epiphyllum God laughed: "Today, you will become my boy pet, become my a man dog, ha ha … …" What do you think? This is a good end! "Bah!"! You evil women. "Hundred battles nunnery hate the root of the tooth itch, but the whole body magic power is sealed, a little strength can not burst out," I would rather die than yield to you, I will always look for the opportunity to revenge, deep hatred of the door, the revenge of extermination, how can I give up? " "Well, not bad." Jade and some other saints, as well as the snow lotus God next to them all laughed: "The stronger your hatred, the better. In this way, we will torture and conquer you, and the more pleasure we will have. If you don't have hatred, we won't be interested in you. Continue like this, continue!" "Eunuch Tian, tie this man up and send him to my mansion. I'll teach him myself." Jade Epiphyllum Shinto. Yes "What else is there to tell you, girls?" Asked Tian Da, the eunuch. There is a man named Yang Qi in your prison. Find him for me? And take them with you to my palace, do you understand? As he spoke, he flew up and said to some of the saints, "Take your time to choose. Choosing a good boy pet is also a help. Remember, you must be obedient and submit sincerely. Otherwise, you would rather obliterate it!" "Yes!" A group of charming women beamed, pointing to the countless gods in the prison and pointing at the prisoners. Yang Qi was found by several eunuchs. Suddenly, he covered his whole body with a black cloth bag, and then carried it away. I don't know how long it took. Suddenly, he was thrown down and arrived at a hall. When the cloth bag was untied, he saw himself lying on the stone slab in the hall. In front, on the high throne, sat two flower gods. They were the jade and the snow lotus. Several eunuchs said to the two flower gods, "Lord Flower God, I have brought the people you want. What else do you want?" "There's nothing for you to do. Go down." Two big flower Shinto. Yes The little eunuch hurried down and dared not stay here much longer. You are Yang Qi, right? You own the Guardian League? Just then,Interactive digital signage, I saw Yang Qi get up from the ground and stand up straight. The Jade Epiphyllum God stepped down from the throne and arrived in front of her. He looked up and down. Naturally, there was a sense of majesty. Any man in front of her would feel trembling, but Yang Qi remained motionless. It's me. He still had a smile on his face.