Legend of Rebirth-2

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Legend of Rebirth-2Legend of Rebirth-2Legend of Rebirth-2Legend of Rebirth-2

Bai Hong only heard the sound that sounded disgusting, and then heard no more information. Chen Xiaolei, on the other hand, was much smoother than she was. She had a panoramic view of the meeting between the two fake policemen and Mr. Love in the distance of the community. What's the use of letting the two people pretend to be policemen again? The hoodlum student who led them is the most obvious evidence. None of these three people is a good bird! When the three of them were approaching the gate of the community, Lin Ziwen finished the phone call, grinned and made an OK gesture to the girls, stretched out his head and looked out of the window, greeted them and ran to the balcony. Watch the play, watch the play, Xiaolei, come quickly! Bai Hong pulled Chen Xiaolei, followed closely behind Lin Ziwen and ran to the balcony. Li Yongshun has taken off the coat of the eldest student in the school for a long time since he lived with Lin Ziwen. Although he is not the kind of violent youth who itches his hands without fighting for three days, he is not a good man or woman who lives obediently. When he sees another person fighting, he will follow the blood boiling. When he encounters a conflict, he will immediately rush to the front to watch a lively scene. Knowing that there might be a big scene this time, Li Yongshun was as excited as if he had just had a needle in Demerol, and he was very eager to try. After knowing that Wang Zirong, who was looking for Xiaolei's mother, was a scum who could do anything, Lin Ziwen rushed from Guangzhou to Jinan. At the same time informed the other side of the mountain city, let three fat Li Zetao they selected some people to come in case of emergency,electronic board for classroom, the mountain city has a departure train to Qingdao, on the way from Jinan, once a day, so the first batch of people to come to Jinan arrived one day earlier than Lin Ziwen, arranged by the Forbidden City sales staff working in Jinan, more than a dozen people scattered near Chen Xiaolei's residence. Yesterday, when he broke up with Li Yongshun, Lin Ziwen arranged for the Forbidden City to tell him the contact information of more than a dozen people who came from the mountain city. He also asked a sales manager to lend Li Yongshun his mobile phone temporarily so that Lin Ziwen could find him at any time. In the evening,86 smart board, when the nouveau riche was enjoying himself in the gentle village, Li Yongshun was using the big money he provided to take his brother to a seafood restaurant to push a cup for a change. These guys were thorns in the mountain city. They all knew that this trip to Jinan was a special trip to cut people down. After drinking a few glasses of white wine, everyone's blood boiled. If it hadn't been for Li Yongshun and a few calmer people, On the spot, they can shout the slogan of killing all the people in Jinan. When checking out, Li Yongshun intentionally took out the money in front of everyone. The meal cost the nouveau riche more than 700 yuan, which made the young men who were in high spirits shout loudly. Li Yongshun lost no time to confuse people and said that as long as everyone could do what they should do well, we would eat like this every day in Jinan during this period! Who doesn't know that if you want to eat well, you have to do something? Li Yongshun went back to the hotel to sleep with everyone that night. Before going to bed, when everyone was chatting, they all said that they hoped to do things quickly, so that they could have a good time to drink the celebration wine. The hungover boys gathered together in the morning to study who would be sent to pick up people at the railway station. Today, another group of people came to Jinan from the mountain city. Li Yongshun and the small leaders of the previous group had already begun to study where to eat at noon. If they had nothing to do in the evening, they would find a bath. At this time, smart board interactive whiteboard ,4k smart board, the mobile phone in Li Yongshun's arms rang. After picking it up, there was a gibberish from the other end of the phone. I don't know where it was. Li Yongshun listened carefully. It was Master Lin pretending to be a ghost. Bird language mixed with some lower voice instructions, Li Yongshun immediately put the phone back in his pocket after hearing clearly, shouted to everyone that he had something to say, and went out first. Shunzi, what to do later, how to do, you say! As soon as he got into the van, the porcupine, the leader of the boys, threw out the words. Hit a few people! Li Yongshun is also not polite, simply said neatly: "First go to the area they took you to yesterday, we wait outside, after people come out, we play as I said!" "Well, ***, I'm itching!" The porcupine gave a cry, stared at the accelerator at his feet, and the overloaded van with more than ten people braved blue smoke to the front. The van was parked in a secluded alley outside the community, and Li Yongshun began to arrange his work, pasting the license plate with tape, how to start beating people for a while, what procedure to hit, and how to retreat after that. After the arrangement, he took a dozen people out of the car, scattered into two or three groups, and arranged them at the gate of the community. "Is that girl really a freshman in your school?" When he was approaching the gate of the community, he pretended to be a policeman's long head and asked Mr. Love. Love kind nod say: "It is our school, but she does not go to class very much, the person that is not in the same class with her sees her not easily." "Not much class?" Long hair soliloquized took a puff of cigarette, ask affection is planted again: "The person that wants to chase her in the school is not little, does she have a boy friend?" "I hear there is." The lover knew that this time he was climbing a high branch, and he would answer questions about his long hair: "I heard that she had a boyfriend when she was in junior high school, but she was from other places. I heard that when her boyfriend came last time, he beat several boys who wanted to hit her together. It seemed that one boy hit several boys, but I don't know if it was true or not." The fake police officer interrupted and said, "It's also possible. I think the girl's character is very rough. She looks a little like my wife. They all like men who can fight." Long hair and love in the heart of disdain, but the mouth are echoed with the flattery, fake police proud up, took the love handed a cigarette between the fingers, while waiting for love to pull out a lighter and said: "Think of that year ah..." "I miss your mother!" Suddenly, he stretched out a big hand and slapped the cigarette off the fake police officer's hand, which made the fake police officer stagger. This curse is a typical northeast dialect. Before the fake police officer and the other three could figure out what was going on, they were surrounded by five young men in the prime of life. The leader, who had slapped the fake police officer, pointed at the nose of the fake officer and shouted: "Gao Daquan, *** you. Do you still know me?!" "Oh,smart interactive whiteboard, where are you from?"? Run wild and look at the place first, OK? Damn it, you're barking up the wrong tree! The long hair was angered by these ungrateful boys and pushed the man in front of him as he cursed. hsdsmartboard.com