The shadow of the sword is cold

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The shadow of the sword is coldThe shadow of the sword is cold

"Eh!"! You know a lot about the secret of Wulin! The nine devils were taken aback. They grabbed the arm of a solitary crane, Dan Shi, and asked, "Brother Gong Quan, did you make his acupoint?" Guhe Danshi smiled as if nothing had happened and said, "Old man demon, you should know that this boy's disease lies in his bones and muscles. You must be careful when taking medicine, so as not to hurt the meridians. If the Conception Vessel is injured, I can't afford it!" Anping's eyes were shining and he cried, "Taoist, how can you control Tanzhong, Qihai, and Zhongji by protecting the pulse?"? You "Son of a bitch!"! Shut up! You don't know shit. Lonely crane Danshi shouted angrily. The nine people suddenly felt dizzy in front of their eyes. Their bodies shook, but they didn't care. Confused, they asked, "Brother Gongquan, what medicine did you give him to swallow?" Lonely Crane Danshi returned to his seat as if he had nothing to do and answered the wrong question. He said, "Brother Cui, the younger generation's face is only slightly pale, and the person who was bitten by Bi should be purple all over. He didn't.." Horrified, the people of Jiudi changed their color and asked, "Brother Gongquan, how do you know he was hurt by Bi?" "Ha ha!"! Is there any reason not to know about poverty? This boy is now Dan Jiu,touch screen interactive whiteboard, one is the unique antidote for the disabled old man, and the other is the old man's wonderful medicine for making Qi Dan. The nine devils jumped up and grabbed the Iron Boy from under the wall. He almost fell down at his feet, but he finally caught the Iron Boy and shouted angrily, "The dog named Xie, you did a good thing.." Lonely Crane Danshi sat still calmly and said with a smile, "Old Man Demon, you can't dance the Iron Boy any more. You can try it if you don't believe me." Nine people and demons shouted loudly and struggled to lift the iron boy. However, he felt exhausted and dizzy. With a loud bang, the Iron Boy fell to the ground. His knees went limp and he fell forward. Lonely Crane Danshi approached him and turned him over and said with a smile,75 inch smart board, "Old Man Demon, the years are long and the world is changing. Everything in the world has changed so much. You are so naive that you still regard me as a good friend. Isn't it foolish?" The nine devils were flabby and lying there, unable to move. They gnashed their teeth and said ferociously, "You mean dog. One day, Cui will skin you alive.". You forget that Cui Mou rescued you from death ten years ago under the tight encirclement of dozens of masters. You forget that on the day we broke up eight years ago, it was Cui Mou who saved your old life from the white saint in Bodhi Nunnery. Is your old dog a man? I don't know why someone would be blind and regard you as a close friend. I deserve it. Lonely Crane Danshi smiled and said sadly, "Grace is one thing, and one's own interests are another. Why do you confuse two completely different things?"? By now, it doesn't matter to make it clear to you. The boy surnamed Xia is right. Xuanyin acupoint control is indeed a unique skill in Wulin that Xuangao Yushi has spent 30 years of painstaking efforts to understand. It has been passed down three times to Xianyun Taoist. The big guest of the idle cloud road died in Shandong, and the poor road happened to be beside him when he died. At that time, the poor way was still a small figure in Jianghu at the age of 20. He got his genetic heart formula, and the Xuanyin acupoint system was not lost. "Why do you treat your old friend in such a mean way?" The nine people gnashed their teeth and asked. Ha-ha! There are so many things you don't know! A good friend of the poor way, surnamed Wen Tong, you may not be unfamiliar with this person. "That guy is Hedong's next three profligate flower pickers, nicknamed Liuhong Jianhao, not bad?"? He and you.. My God, smartboards in classrooms ,digital interactive whiteboard, you're friends with him? Shameless! "What is there to wonder about friends, good or bad?"? Qingyun Jushi, the owner of Panlong Castle, has a close friendship with Liuhong Jianhao, and he is the master of Youlong Swordsman, the owner of Shaolong Castle. Lord Di Shao has been here yesterday. This morning, two girls, with the calligraphy of Di Shaobao, came to ask for help. That's why you're unlucky. Do you want to explain further? I don't think so. Accept your fate. "As long as I stay alive, I swear to report." "Old Man, cut the crap. You're asking for trouble. Why?"? Will you stay alive? Next year, today will be your anniversary. Of course, in that year's friendship, the old man will not personally kill you, you will be handed over to those women to deal with, life or death depends on your good fortune. But you don't have much success in life. What those two girls want is Cheyenne, not you, the old devil. You and I are the ones who are going to be scholars, and we can't attract the interest of the girls. Qingfeng, go and summon them to bring someone. _ The effect of the medicine has been released in Anping's body, but he feels surprisingly cold all over. Xuanyin acupoint control has replaced the poison of loosening tendons and cartilage, and he is still unable to move. Lonely Crane Danshi approached Anping and said with a smile, "Boy, you are very lucky. You fell down in the gentle village. You can't forget Lonely Crane Danshi in the future!"! One of the two girls, named Green Fox Li Yao, has a thousand-year-old clam treasure in the world, which is gathered by Taiyin Reiki and can be combined with other medicines to refine the elixir of rejuvenation. The poor way makes your acupoint. Within twelve hours, if the poor way doesn't solve the acupoint himself, you will freeze to death. No one in the world can solve the acupoint for you. If the girl does not give me the thousand-year-old clam beads, then she will get a frozen corpse, not a living Cheyenne. Ha-ha! Do you think it's wonderful? An Ping, shivering with cold, endured the chill and said with a sneer, "Your wishful thinking is good enough. I hope you won't dig your own grave and leave your dog's life so that I can see you, an ungrateful and mean old dog, being punished." "Ha ha!"! Please put your heart at ease. I seldom make mistakes in my life. I will never make mistakes in my abacus. If you don't believe me, wait and see. Fragrant wind assails the nostrils, the hall door is full of shadows, leading into the hall is Yunmeng Shuangjiao, followed by four men and four women, and finally the snake God, the disabled old man and the mountain spirit. Lonely crane Dan Shi Hei Hei smiled, and the solemn guest took his seat and said, "Fortunately, I didn't disgrace my life. I didn't get it at all.". Miss Li, please present the clam beads to me, and I can give them to you to take away. The poor way has something to say first, Xia Anping has been made by the poor way with a unique technique, the beads are not in hand, the poor way will not ask. He struck first, and as expected,classroom interactive whiteboard, he overwhelmed Yunmeng Shuangjiao, who was ready to move. The green fox hesitated a little and said coldly, "The old-timer didn't mention the matter of replacing people with clam beads in advance. How.." "Ha ha!"! How could you be willing to give up what you love if you mentioned it in advance? "Can the elder rush the golden face of the Lord of Di Shao Castle." 。