Super Dream System _ 20200215155704

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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704Super Dream System _ 20200215155704Super Dream System _ 20200215155704

At the same time, Ye Tao's body is also trembling, not for the beauty of these women, but he thought of "killing", although he had already expected that there would be this day, but when things really come to an end, the heart is still very nervous. After all, killing a wild animal is killing a wild animal, and he has no burden to start, but if he really wants to "kill", he will not be able to do it for a while, let alone such a beautiful woman. Although it is a game here now, Ye Tao can clearly feel the 100% sense of reality that the weapon in his hand cuts into the flesh, as if all the creatures in this game have the existence of life and body. Forget it or not. Let's talk about it later. Ye Tao in the heart so thought, now let him start, he really does not go, after all, the reality of morality in his heart deeply rooted. When Ye Tao thought so, in his mind, he could not help but explore the identity of the leading woman, and in an instant, the woman's information poured into Ye Tao's mind. Captain Charm Woman: The day after tomorrow, the second floor, the amount of blood is 2ooo. She is good at using the crescent moon double knife. There is a hidden killing machine in the long sleeve. Her skill, the eye of charm, can charm the mind. Her skill is higher than that of Charm Woman. She is not included in this list. [Note: If you kill a humanoid monster, you cannot get materials. You can get realistic skills and weapons with a probability of one in a thousand. You can get a treasure chest with a probability of one in ten thousand. The treasure chest can open realistic equipment, skills,fake blossom tree, elixirs, energy points, pets, etc. The level of the treasure chest is divided into white, green and purple. The higher the level of the treasure chest, the more precious the items it opens. The items it opens are determined by the host's cultivation. When the host's cultivation reaches which level, it can open which level of items. The treasure chest can not be accumulated and will not disappear automatically in five hours.] "Day." Ye Tao looked at the introduction in the heart secretly scolded, this is not tempting him to kill people? Although Ye Tao's eyes were shining at the team of charming women coming slowly below, he was hesitant in his heart, whether to destroy flowers or not,outdoor palm trees, whether to "kill people or not." "Who?" Ye Tao in the heart of the tangle, breathing can not help but heavy, only to see the past in a pair of charming female captain, suddenly stopped the pace, a charming call, at the same time also while twisting and looking around. Take a closer look around. And next to her a little low-level charm, in the charm of the captain's hand, holding a double knife slowly dispersed, alert to look around, not only under the tree, even the tree is also a careful look, the hands of the double knife practice dance, the branches of the tree, cut "clatter" fall. Ye Tao looked at the heart of the wry smile unceasingly, did not expect the human monster in the game not only can speak human language, but also has a not low IQ, it seems that the world here is another reality, but at this time, he did not decide, or kill, faux grass wall ,artificial coconut palm trees, it is really unable to pass the heart of that pass. Along with, seven charming female careful investigation, did not pass the periphery an inch of land, Ye Tao knew that could not escape. As for escape, that is not to think about it, he knew very well in his heart that as long as these women fled, even if they chased to the ends of the earth, they would catch up with him, it is simply endless. When a woman slowly came to the tree where he was and jumped high, Ye Tao's face turned cold and he took out the stones collected in the Gankun bag. The strong True Qi surged and flowed into his right hand. At this time, the middle finger of his right hand was flexed and flicked. All of a sudden, a white light shot out, a sharp sound of breaking the air, shooting at the woman's head. Bang! With a muffled sound, a blood hole burst out between the woman's forehead and eyebrows, followed by a shrill scream, the woman fell from the air to the ground, slightly twitched a few times, and then closed her eyes and died completely. The hole in the woman's forehead was sprayed with hot blood, but in a twinkling of an eye, the woman's face was filled with endless blood, which looked very miserable. Looking at the dead woman, Ye Tao's face was pale, his stomach was uncomfortable, and he had a feeling of extreme desire to vomit. Although he had seen many dead people before when the end of the world came, he only dared to look at them from a distance and did not dare to get close. This stupid game is too real. "Ye Tao worried a smile, but also did not consider, the body like a ghost general shaking, directly flashed to a place not far from the charm of the past killed.". However, he did not use the magic power of snapping fingers, because the consumption of the magic power of snapping fingers was too great, and if he had not been for the pity in his heart, he had just directly used the blade to fight. As Ye Tao's body flashed out, the woman did not make any effective precautions at all, intuitive head "click" a light sound, turned a corner, and staggered down. Only then did the remaining five women wake up, their faces full of horror, but none of them ran away, because each of them knew very well in their hearts that they would come back to life after death, but if they ran away, the end they would face would be obliteration, which was the order just given to them by the Supreme God in this world. Of course, the so-called Supreme God is a system, and in the hearts of these creatures, they live in a real world, but this is a digital world. The eye of charm. At this time, the captain-level charm looked at Ye Tao to kill, eyes flashed a trace of fear, and then that pair of charming beautiful eyes, the flow of a strange blue whirlpool, whirlpool fast rotation. Suddenly, Ye Tao's body stopped, his face was dull, just like an idiot, but in the blink of an eye, Ye Tao shook his head and woke up. The eye of charm, although very powerful, but in the captain level of the charm and Ye Tao's repair for such a big difference, and in Ye Tao has experienced a lot of things, the mind has been firm a lot of circumstances,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, simply can not interfere with him for too long. But at the same time, a low-level charm female already killed to Ye Tao's side, in the hand single knife to Ye Tao's back mercilessly delimited. Poof!.