What are Georgia's finest shores?

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Georgia has a coastline of little over 100 miles, and its beaches range from quiet, white sand to busy boardwalks mere minutes from Georgia's main towns.

Georgia has a coastline of little over 100 miles, and its beaches range from quiet, white sand to busy boardwalks mere minutes from Georgia's main towns. In Georgia, you may find the ideal beach vacation no matter your style, from opulent spa resorts to quiet, uncrowded spots. Tybee Island, a popular day trip destination from Savannah, Georgia, super mario bros is only 20 minutes away from the city, and Jekyll Island is home to beautiful natural scenery as well. If you're planning a vacation to the Peach State, consider these 11 top-notch beach destinations.

Tybee Island, located just off the coast of Savannah, is an ideal beach getaway for those who wish to spend time in the sun without having to go far to see the city's restaurants, sights, and cultural offerings. North Beach occupies a sizable portion of this barrier island and has several attractions, including historic sites, Georgia's tallest and oldest lighthouse, and a lively commercial center, to offer its many tourists.

Sea Island is a large resort with a variety of well rated rooms, perfect for anyone seeking a deluxe beach vacation in Georgia. At Sea Island, guests may take use of a private beach that stretches for five miles, as well as a variety of other resort amenities, such as a world-class spa and restaurant and a championship golf course.

The only way to get to Cumberland Island, the biggest barrier island in Georgia, is via boat or ferry. This island is home to a number of historical sites, including the remains of the Dungeness Mansion and the Plum Orchard Mansion, the principal holiday home of George Lauder Carnegie and Margaret Thaw. It also has 17 miles of lovely, unspoilt coastline. On Cumberland Island, wild horses are a common sight.

Formerly frequented by the likes of the Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Pulitzer, and Baker families, Jekyll Island is one of Georgia's Golden Isles. This island now offers visitors a unique blend of historical sites and breathtaking scenery. On the northern part of the island lies a beach known as Driftwood Beach, so named for the old driftwood trees that line the coast.

Main Beach on Little St. Simons Island is one of the greatest Georgia beaches for getting away from it all in peace and quiet. Only the guests of The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island and a select few others have access to the seven miles of magnificent beaches on Little St. Simons Island since it is a private island that can only be reached by boat. The Lodge welcomes up to 32 guests at a time and boasts of its dedication to sustainability and conservation, making it an ideal getaway for eco-conscious city dwellers.

The whole family is guaranteed to have a good time on St. Simons Island, the biggest of Georgia's Golden Isles, thanks to its diverse selection of golf courses, museums, and shops. The U.S. Coast Guard Station is located near the busiest section of East Beach, which spans along the ocean side of the island. You may enjoy a day in the sun with your four-legged buddy at your side at East Beach.