Death Kaleidoscope (End + Side Story) Author: Xi Zixu Read the comments Well, medium horror

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"His classmate said he was in love with a girl named Zhu Ruyuan." Zuo Sisi saw Lin Qiushi's calm attitude,

"His classmate said he was in love with a girl named Zhu Ruyuan." Zuo Sisi saw Lin Qiushi's calm attitude, she lowered her voice, "but I checked, there is no girl named Zhu Ruyuan in senior year." "Thank you." Lin Qiushi thanked her, "Zhu Ruyuan is really not a senior." "How old is she?" Left silk stared round eyes. She's a dead man. Lin Qiushi thought about it and told Zuo Sisi about it. Left silk: "… …" Her expression twisted. "Are you serious?" "Yes," said Lin Qiushi. Zuo Sisi: Then why are you so calm? When she heard the news, she had a thin layer of goose bumps on her arm. No, I've been afraid. Lin Qiushi. Left silk sighs: "Well, or you are fierce, I very not easy to find, the result you already knew..." The door and the key. Any leads? "A little," said Lin Qiushi. Zuo Sisi knew this must be more than them, but they were not familiar enough to exchange information with each other, so she did not ask, but asked Lin Qiushi to be careful of Zhou Hanshan, saying that there might be a problem with this Npc. Lin Qiushi thanked her and turned back to their table. What are you going to wish for tonight? Zhou Hanshan had no appetite and poked the rice in the plate with his chopsticks and asked. What do you think is appropriate for us to wish for? Lin Qiushi asked. Naturally,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, let all this end quickly. Zhou Hanshan was listless, "I can't go on." "All right." Lin Qiushi said, "then let all this end quickly." The waiting time is long, and the night comes quickly on weekdays, but today it makes people feel like a year. The three of them waited in the activity room, but Zhou Hanshan fell asleep on the table. Lin Qiushi did not dare to rest,beam impact tubes, but the damaged wooden man in front of him reminded him that accidents could happen at any time, and that when it killed you, it did not matter whether you were resting or not. It began to rain outside the house, and the clock turned round and round until it was eight o'clock in the evening. It was dark, the wind mixed with rain poured in from the edge of the window, Lin Qiushi looked up at his watch, and then looked at Gu Longming for a moment, feeling that the time was almost up. Lin Qiushi woke up Zhou Hanshan, who was sleeping in a daze, and said, "Get up. It's getting dark." Zhou Hanshan was so excited that he got up from the table and said vaguely, "I had a dream." "What did you dream about?" Gu Longming asked him. I dreamed about my friends. "They said they missed me very much, side impact door beams ,aluminium coated tubes," said Zhou Hanshan. He reached out and wiped his face. "Me too." I miss them. When he said this, he smiled bitterly. "Maybe I'll be with them soon." Gu Longming did not speak, but patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. When it was dark, they went to the broom closet and pushed the statue out. The statue is still motionless, but it has the temperature and skin touch of human beings. This characteristic makes the whole statue full of strange feelings. Zhou Hanshan touched it carefully and murmured that it would not really become a person. If it became a person, what should we do. Lin Qiushi said, "Can you make a wish?" "All right." Zhou Hanshan said, "Cut your finger, wipe the blood on the wooden doll, and then make a wish to the statue.." He looked at Lin Qiushi. "What is your wish?" Lin Qiushi did not answer, he took out the prepared dagger from his pocket, put it on his finger and was about to cut it, but suddenly stopped. What's the matter Zhou Hanshan asked. Lin Qiushi lowered his head and looked at the ground. There were three people in the room. They had not been out since dinner, and the rain had fallen after dinner. But there was a string of wet footprints in the room. The footprints extended from the door to their feet. Judging from the size, they belonged to women. As Lin Qiushi had seen in the classroom before, there was one more person in the room, but they couldn't see it. Lin Qiushi stopped and handed the dagger to Zhou Hanshan. "You go first," he said. ” Zhou Hanshan is stupefied, did not seem to expect Lin Qiushi's reaction, he said: "." But I've already made a wish. Lin Qiushi: "Who said you can't do it again?" "I don't know what to promise." Zhou Hanshan seemed a little flustered, "I." Lin Qiushi looked into his eyes and said, "Zhou Hanshan, what was your wish at that time?" Zhou Hanshan: "I-" "Don't lie." Lin Qiushi said, "If you lie, I will smash the statue in front of you." As he spoke, he walked up to the statue, not looking at all like he was joking. Zhou Hanshan did not speak, his expression was so complicated that he seemed to want to say something. Make a wish. Lin Qiushi's voice is very soft, but no one will think he is joking, "make a wish to end this." Zhou Hanshan held the dagger, and his expression was unpredictable. Gu Longming also noticed the change of Zhou Hanshan's attitude. With a suspicious look on his face, he stared at Zhou Hanshan and called out his name: "Zhou Hanshan?" Zhou Hanshan laughed. He put down the dagger in his hand and said lightly, "Do you all know?" Lin Qiushi sighed, his guess really became a reality, Zhou Hanshan still has things to hide from them, and this matter occupies a very important position in the whole incident. Gu Longming also saw the change of Zhou Hanshan's attitude and involuntarily cursed a dirty word. "Zhou Hanshan," said Lin Qiushi,impact beam tubes, "let me guess. The wish you made at that time did not come true. But is it about to come true? Zhou Hanshan's face was expressionless, and at this time he was completely different from the timid one. In a hurry? Lin Qiushi said, "When you find that the way your wish comes true is different from what you imagined?" 。