Moonlight Qingcheng by Yan Yuexi

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"But you can't use this against girls. You don't know how important it is. Girls are not sandbags.". I think you should

"But you can't use this against girls. You don't know how important it is. Girls are not sandbags.". I think you should apologize to Gege quickly, or she won't talk to you again. When Ye Shuangtian entered the door, he saw him push Gege, who almost fell down and advised him to take the initiative to find Gege. Cheng Zheng sighed. Cheng Zheng called Gege, but Gege was so angry that she never answered. He went to her company downstairs to find her and begged her for a long time, but she didn't calm down. What happened last time was my fault. Can't you forgive me for once? Cheng Zheng saw that Gege was very stubborn and a little irritable in his heart. When Gege remembered what had happened in the bar, she became angry and stared at him. "When can you change your childish habits? Do you know how much I lost in front of my colleagues that day?". How can I see him in the future? He is still my boss. "You can't feel what he thinks of you." Cheng Zheng tried to change the subject. But Gege was unrelenting: "Don't change the subject and blame others for your mistakes. It is obvious that you are narrow-minded and vexatious.". What do you mean you have an idea about me? He came to Beijing from other places, and I invited him to a bar. According to what you mean, I have an idea about him? Boring "Well, let's all calm down and talk about it when the anger has subsided." Cheng Zheng was silent for a while, then turned around and walked away. Gege stood in place, confused in the heart, watching Cheng Zheng drive away, arrogant floating up, too lazy to pay attention to him. Gege told Luo Fang about it. Luo Fang laughed her head off and said jokingly, "OK, you two handsome men fight for you. What kind of realm is this? You are a beauty in anger.". It's a good thing it's your future uncle's bar, or you'll have to lose money. Seeing her gloating, Gege pouted, "I didn't tell you to make you laugh at me." Luo Fang pointed at her face and said, "Stop!"! Don't act like a spoiled child with me. If you want to act like a spoiled child in front of your man, he will eat your set. Your elder sister and I will not get in. Gege had no choice but to hang her head dejectedly and worry a lot. Seeing her sad face, Luo Fang asked with a smile, "After a big fight, did Cheng Zheng hang up?" Gege thought for a moment and then said, "It seems a little bit. I saw him yesterday, and the corners of his mouth seemed swollen." "Do you feel bad about it?" Luo Fang looked at Gege with a smile. Gege curled her lips. "No, he brought it on himself." Having said that, Gege was a little worried when she thought about it carefully, and she didn't know if he had applied anti-inflammatory drugs. Luo Fang stuffed a grape into her mouth and said, "Don't be stubborn. You are obviously distressed like this.". In that case, why don't you take the initiative to call him? After education, you have to give him a sweet jujube to eat. Gege slanted her head and remembered what Cheng Zheng had said at the end. "He said he wanted to calm down. Cut. Who cares about him?" "You ignore him, but some girls ignore him.". As the saying goes, there is no husband and wife who can't be separated, only a mistress who doesn't work hard. Luo Fang inadvertently reminded Gege, Gege suddenly remembered that night in the bar, Cheng Zheng came out of the private room with a girl, and the eldest brother was unhappy. Come on, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, don't be so stubborn. I don't want to see you confused about your feelings, nor do I want you to act on impulse, otherwise, you will drag me to the zoo to see the giant lizards and crocodiles, and I can't stand it. Luo Fang put the mobile phone on the table into Gege's hand. Gege hesitated for a long time and dialed Cheng Zheng's phone. Cheng Zheng was already on the other side of the world in Greece, throwing his mobile phone in the living room of his holiday villa. It rang for a long time, but no one answered. Fu Lei came out of the room, heard the phone ring, picked up a look, see the name of the caller ID is Gege, can not help but be a little curious. Hello, hello. Fu Lei answered the phone. As soon as Gege heard a woman's voice, she was taken aback. Then she calmed down and asked, "Hello, who are you?" Fu Lei heard that it was a young girl who called her son and asked, "I'm Cheng Zheng's mother. Who are you?" As soon as Gege heard that the other party was Cheng Zheng's mother, she was even more surprised and said, "Auntie, I am Cheng Zheng's friend." Is Cheng Zheng at home? "We are not in the country, you have anything to tell me is the same, I will convey for you.". "Fu Lei often receives phone calls from girls to Cheng Zheng, thinking they are just flowers and plants, and her tone is very serious." Oh, forget it. I'll find him some other time. Goodbye, aunt. Gege could hear the coldness of Cheng Zheng's mother's tone and was not in the mood to talk to her any more, so she had to hang up. When she closed her cell phone, she remembered that Cheng Zheng had said that he would accompany his mother to Greece for a holiday. How could she forget this? No wonder he was in a hurry to leave without saying two words yesterday. It turned out that he was rushing out. How about how about? Luo Fang ate grapes in her mouth, but her eyes looked at Gege with concern. Gege told her, "He went to the Aegean Sea for a holiday. He didn't answer the phone. His mother answered." Luo Fang looked up at the sky and said disdainfully, "How old are you? You still use his mother as a shield.". These old ladies are the hardest to deal with, and they must interrogate you to the bottom. "Yes, I didn't dare to say much to her and hung up the phone." Gege blinked slyly. By the way, did he go to Greece to tell you? Luo Fang frowned and asked. Gege nodded. "Told me, but I forgot." Luo Fang poked her in the head and said, "What kind of memory do you have?". As long as I told you, if he didn't tell you before he went abroad, there would be a problem. No matter where you go or who you go with, you must tell you. It's an obligation. Really, it's an obligation to report your whereabouts? I don't think people have to have their own space. They can't be together all day like Siamese twins. Giggling, she doesn't approve of lovers being so intimate that they have no private space. Luo Fang enlightened Gege: "People in love always want to know each other's whereabouts all the time, not necessarily to monitor each other, but to feel at ease.". One day,plastic pallet suppliers, if you really don't want the other person to know where you are going, the relationship will be dangerous. "Well, that makes sense." Gege raised her chin and thought.