The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System

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Glancing at the ball of light flying around, Yu Yiye gave the ball of light a supercilious look. What kind of prosthesis do you think I can make?

Glancing at the ball of light flying around, Yu Yiye gave the ball of light a supercilious look. What kind of prosthesis do you think I can make? "Is it a perfect prosthesis that is no different from a normal limb?"? Or other limbs? The ball of light did not respond. It knew that Yu Yiye's technology was not so advanced. What I can do is to give each other a robotic prosthesis, a robotic arm or something, inside, in order to better control the prosthesis, maybe I will install an artificial intelligence. "The kind of artificial intelligence that can communicate with humans." So, do you think I have created a half-man, half-machine? If such a thing is out of control, what are the consequences? There was only the voice of Yu Yiye in the room, but what he said was that some of the brains of the artificial intelligence had crashed. If they are used well, then they will be good fighters against alien invasion. If they are not used well, I will be eaten back, because they are all outlaws. Although this mercenary gentleman is very clever, you know, he doesn't care about this life for a long time. But I cherish my life. Chapter 1229 Mechanical Arm Spirit did not continue to say, but silent floating in the air, in a leaf of this theory is not unreasonable. Yu Yiye's fighting capacity is very weak, if really let those people bite back, it is estimated that can not hold down a round,ibc spill pallet, will be directly dog belt. In this regard, Yiye said that he would never let this happen. Then all she can do is to take this power into her own hands. If this is the case, you can do this and I will help you. Yu Yiye's situation, the spirit can not understand, on this small arm and leg, is really not as decisive as others, regard human life as a group of people,collapsible pallet box, it is better to use their own way to control these people in their own hands, perhaps can become a very powerful force. Thank you Yu Yiye answered with a smile. She didn't think the spirit would say that, but when it did, it was really super happy. This is a kind of happiness to be valued, although the "person" here is just an artificial intelligence. Yu Yiye narrowed his eyes, what kind of thing is this, so suddenly made a decision? She doesn't know what this decision will be like in the future. She can only say that she hopes to prove that her choice is not wrong in the next thing. As it turned out, she did nothing wrong. Especially early the next morning, when the mercenary appeared in front of her in a wheelchair, Yu Yiye knew that from that moment on, she had a new power of her own. This is different from Wu Xin and An Haoxuan. Yu Yiye can guarantee that Wu Xin and these people will try to protect themselves, especially in China, they will even sacrifice their lives to protect themselves, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill containment pallet, at all costs. But in foreign countries, they have a lot to consider, and in more chaotic places abroad, it is even more so, because they used to be Chinese soldiers, and even some people are still Chinese soldiers. So, this means that a lot of things can't be done, so what should we do? Especially in the market of the African continent, which has been opened up by Yiye, we should know that the African continent is not peaceful, and there is a lot of chaos near North Africa. Central Africa and East Africa are also in the same pot of porridge, and southern Africa is not much better. Generally speaking, it is a rather unstable place, which makes Huaxing's future commercial trade there appear great resistance. And the local army of those African countries, some can be protected, and some are estimated to be unable to protect the future company personnel of Huaxing, so at this moment, Yu Yiye felt that he needed to make his own move. It was indeed said at the beginning that Wu Xin should pay attention to some people who could go to Africa to carry out security missions, but this has just begun to be done, and it is estimated that few people are willing to do so. And these mercenaries will not, the people who lick blood on the tip of the knife, some things they are more able to kill, but also more able to deter those who plot against the law. In addition to the things that Yiye has equipped these people, it is somewhat like the existence of half-human and half-robot in the movie, which is estimated to be even more deterrent. Have you really thought about it? Yu Yiye sat on a chair in the laboratory. The computer screen in front of him showed a large amount of calculated data. The data passed so fast that ordinary people could not grasp any key content from it. They could only see a bunch of garbled codes flashing crazily. The mercenary nodded, his eyes full of firmness, even with a trace of determination. Yu Yiye looked at the opposite person with some interest, curious why the other side would have such a look, feeling like going to the execution ground. That's not a good sign. Yu Yiye raised his eyebrows, looked at the person opposite, and finally laughed out loud: "Poof, do I need to be so nervous?"? Is what I said before so terrible? "I.." Mercenaries for a time do not know how to explain this problem, he is just a simple gap is a little big, you know, in the past, he felt that a leaf is just a smart ordinary person. But yesterday the appearance of the other side completely overturned his imagination, this woman is a virgin silly white sweet? Don't be ridiculous. Have you ever seen a mother who is so silly and sweet that she can't keep her mouth shut? 'What's The matter? Can't you speak English? Looking at the stammering man, Yu Yiye's smile could not stop coming out: "You know, I'm not at ease. Only when I hold this thing in my hand can I feel at ease." Nod suddenly, since do not know how to answer, then only nod is the most appropriate. But Yu Yiye quickly put away her expression. Her English is very fluent, just like a person who has settled abroad for many years. Therefore,drum spill pallet, she can express her attitude vividly in her tone: "But I still want to say something to you." "You say." Panicked answer, the opposite woman momentum is too strong, let him some breathless.