Go to the end of the world alone in online games

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The wind rustled and did not answer, he went directly to the cornucopia of the shop. The door of the shop was closed

The wind rustled and did not answer, he went directly to the cornucopia of the shop. The door of the shop was closed, and the wind sent a strange message. The door opened, the cornucopia beckoned the wind to come in, the wind looked at his mysterious appearance, involuntarily flashed in. The door was closed again. "What are you doing?" The wind whispered strangely? Why not do business? "I asked you what you were going to do," said the cornucopia. "Me?" "I have nothing to do," said the rustling wind. "Why don't you have anything?" The cornucopia asked! As soon as I mentioned it was a convulsion, you would run over and say that you wanted to hide in the dark. What did you want to do? "Then don't worry about it," said the wind. "It won't get in your way." Cornucopia asks: "Are you with Jing Feng now?" The wind rustled and said with a wry smile, "It's been right for a long time, but now it's getting more and more intense." "What are you going to do?" Asked the cornucopia. "I'm going to take the initiative," said the wind. "Are you taking the initiative now?" The cornucopia asked. "Sort of," said the wind. The cornucopia looked at him, while the wind was looking at the shop, and finally said, "I'll hide here." The rustling wind is pointing to the counter of the cornucopia shop. The long counter divides the shop into two parts. Inside is the NPC that receives people and treats guests. Behind the NPC seems to be a container, but in fact it is not. Everything is in the NPC's package. Those containers are just decorations. And the height of the counter, squatting inside a person can not be seen outside in any case,needle valve manufacturer, unless someone is bored to climb over the counter to turn around. At the beginning, there were many such boring people, but now they have been basically eliminated, and no one wants to be treated like an idiot. Without waiting for the cornucopia to agree, the wind had already jumped in. The curtain shrank under the counter and shouted, "Can you see me?" The cornucopia answered grumpily, "I can't see!" The wind suddenly stood up and said,14 needle valve, "Damn, you can't see me inside and outside, and I can't see outside either!" Cornucopia laughs: "Still want to see outside, I have an idea! I have an idea!" "What?" The wind rustled. "How about dressing up as my shop boy?" The cornucopia asked. "I can't change my face if I turn you into a ghost!" The wind began to look around again. The cornucopia was afraid that he would make a hole in his shop in order to hide, so he couldn't help saying, "What do you want to do?"? You tell me I can give you advice too! "I want to rob him of his silver ticket," said the rustling wind after a moment's hesitation. "How to rob?" The cornucopia asked in surprise. "If you give him a silver ticket," said the wind, "he always wants to see the number before he takes it back. I want to use a knife to kill the silver ticket in his hand." The cornucopia was even more surprised. The wind rustles a little uneasily, is oneself a little too much? Even the shameless guy in the cornucopia seems to find it hard to accept his idea! At that moment some coy tunnel: "How?"? What do you have to say? Cornucopia back to God: "Are you a ***ing idiot?"? This is a game. We use the operation of trading. Where can you see the silver ticket? It was the wind's turn to be in a daze. The cornucopia said sadly, "Eldest brother, how long have you been playing games? Can you be a little professional?"! Don't act like a rookie from time to time! The wind is rustling to come to one's senses, doubt tunnel: "Trade, does so true game also have this thing?" Said in the operation panel turned up. The cornucopia was so sad that he said, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,38 tube fitting, "It's also my fault. You've probably only had money and goods with me so far, haven't you?"? Of course we don't have to deal with each other, damn it! The wind has already seen the transaction in the operation. At this time, his face is red, yellow, white, green, blue and purple. One by one, he said: "Damn, there is such a thing!" After the cornucopia was distressed for a while, he suddenly said, "However, there is a place where your idea can be implemented!" "Where?" Asked the rustling wind. "The bank," said the cornucopia. The wind rustled and repeated, "The bank?" The cornucopia nodded attentively and said, "Yes, no one will put all the silver on his body. If he takes such a huge sum of money, he will definitely deposit it in the bank. At that time, a silver ticket will be handed over at one time. At that time.." Cornucopia says this, the expression that discovers wind rustling again suddenly is extremely unnatural, strange way: "How?" "Do you think no one will carry all the silver on his body?" The wind rustled. "Of course," said the cornucopia. React suddenly come over, exclaim: "Don't you …" Feng Xiaoxiao nodded his head with great shame, and then asked shamelessly, "Why don't you take money with you?"? It's not much more convenient to take it all with you! The cornucopia broke down and said, "Don't you know that money will be lost when you die?"? In proportion to the money you have with you! Or you've never died! "That's not true," said the wind. "It's just that my money often changes. No wonder I didn't notice it!"! But speaking of which, I rarely hang up! Cried the cornucopia, "How can the money on you change from time to time?" "I have a teahouse," said the wind rustling. "There's always some money coming in … And often automatically deduct the salary of the children in the shop! The cornucopia collapsed again: "Didn't you set it to be cleared once a month?"? If you do this, do you know whether the teahouse will make a profit or lose money? Also, that's not the salary of the children in the shop, that's the NPC employment fee charged by the system! "It's the same thing," said the wind! "However, the teahouse is a profit or loss, it seems really confused!" Then look at the cornucopia, has completely fallen to the ground, pointing to the wind rustling, lips trembling, but can not say a word. The wind leaned down, put his ear to his mouth, and heard the cornucopia mumble two words: "Idiot!" "You said the bank could do that, but why didn't anyone go to the bank to do the robber's business?" "There may have been,tube fitting manufacturer," said the cornucopia, "but so far there has been no such trend. It can be seen that the actual operation is quite difficult. You should be careful. This is a thing that is spurned and despised by millions of people!" The wind was about to speak when the cornucopia suddenly frowned and said, "Here we are!"! The wind is coming! 。 chinaroke.com