The ink snake is crazy

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Cold tea with one hand holding the box, one hand holding the reins is not convenient, Senluo then didn't want to take the reins

Cold tea with one hand holding the box, one hand holding the reins is not convenient, Senluo then didn't want to take the reins, the cold tea whole person circle in the bosom, quickly to the direction of the city gate. The gates of all the city walls of Risheng Kingdom are closed at the beginning of Youshi (17:00 ~ 19:00) in the evening, and at this moment, it is just about the end of Shenshi (15:00 ~ 17:00), and Youshi is at the beginning, so it is just enough time to leave the city at the last moment. Sure enough, when the two men rode to the city gate, the soldiers guarding the city on both sides were already planning to close the gate, Senluo immediately'drive -- 'a sound of urging the horse under the crotch, rushed out of the city at the last moment. After all, it is not a famous horse of thousands of miles, but this distance, it has already felt laborious, out of the city, the speed is slower, this is naturally with the load of two people is a certain relationship. "Tea, five miles ahead, a good friend waiting for us!" Seemed to smell the delicious taste of blood, Senluo nature of the cruel and wild, can not help but unrestrained a bit, the language of nature half a trace of fear is not, on the contrary, all full of excitement. Thinking that I haven't killed a lot for many days, I can finally have a good time today! Leng Hongxiu is not surprised how he knows, after all, Senluo how to say is also a snake demon,Steel investment casting, practice for so many years, even a little better than human ability, he is also equal to live in vain! What she cared about at the moment was not how many people there were, she only cared about, "Do they have horses?"? Not this horse. We need two new horses with faster legs. "Yes, several of them are of good quality!"! It's a good horse, so I'll keep two and get rid of the rest! Senluo narrowed his eyes, the long and narrow eyes are all about to be stained with the excitement of blood, "tea, you are not used to see me eat,CNC machining parts, you slowly sway, I go to eat my dinner first, when you arrive at the destination for a while, I promise to have been cleaned up!" Leng Hongxiu nodded, "that's your business, I don't care, I only solve the trouble over the demon, other troubles I do not deal with!" Senluo is her words, in addition to the demon, any ordinary human problems sent to the door, he is willing to solve. In this way, when they arrive at the capital of Sunrise, it is estimated that his old wounds will be healed, and even his magic power will increase a lot. And the most troublesome demon, and cold tea disposal, what is better than this with? "Excellent!"! I'm going! Senluo evil charm hook hook lips, words fall, people have disappeared on horseback! 011 healing trauma Senluo slowly with a bit of evil, suddenly appeared in the middle of the encirclement five miles away, no one saw how he appeared, die casting parts ,Stainless steel foundry, and when he saw it, he was already a pure black, like the soul messenger of the King of Hell looking at them. All the people ambushed on one side forgot to breathe in an instant. Senro hooked his lips coldly. "Aren't you waiting for us?"? Still not coming out? "Who the hell are you?" Forced by his voice, which clearly knew their ambush, the men in black, who had been hiding in several places, came out of the grass, and one of them shouted in a trembling voice. Senluo's eyes, however, did not stay on the speaker's body at all, but his snow-white hand stretched out into the air. Suddenly, two figures flew out of the seemingly calm grass in the distance, like a kite with a broken line, flying weightlessly straight to Senluo's palm. When he was about to hit Senluo, Senluo suddenly withdrew his hand. 'Bang-bang- 'two loud, the figure of the two men, has fallen heavily to the ground, in a supine position, seems to have fallen a big fall, but the limbs of the body, but has been as soft as no bones on the ground. The normal posture over there, anyone with eyes, can see that these two people, at the moment is already dead, even a muffled hum, did not have time to send out, has been killed, then the man who killed them terrible to what extent, needless to say! This scene saw the first step to fly out of the people, all from the bottom of my heart began to chill up. Because no one can see, at that time what kind of kungfu, why in the hands easily, put people to death, this person is even more frightening than the monster. No one at the top said that there was such a master of martial arts beside the woman. Not only did she know where they were lying in ambush, but she even destroyed two lives as soon as she made a move. Who the hell are you? Senluo answered the wrong way, "I told you to come out, but these two fools still dare to lurk and want to escape?"? Then I'll have to get rid of them first! Without looking at the bodies on the ground again, he only glanced at them with his long and narrow eyes. "Are you all going up together or one by one?" That group of people you look at me, I look at you, immediately at the same time flying knife cut to Senluo, menacing, but in the next second the knife is about to fall on the top of Senluo's head, all tacit understanding to escape in the opposite direction. They are also people, but also afraid of death, although killing out of the task of casualties is inevitable, but like in front of such, it is clear that there is no chance of winning the task, but also a fart ah? The person who does not escape is a fool, after all, stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. Senluo had long expected that this group of people would have such a move, and then with a wave of his hand, a large number of bright knives fell to the ground, and those who had cut him with knives had escaped ten feet away. If it is on any normal human, even if your martial arts are high, you can only chase one or two of them, and it is impossible to recover a dozen or twenty at the same time, not to mention that they are not fleeing in the same direction. Unfortunately, they met a non-human snake demon Senluo, such a way of escape, for him is simply the best way to absorb life healing. Suddenly a magic power, the whole body is hazy on a layer of black fog, under the cover of the night is not obvious,non standard fasteners, only the fingertips of the snow-white hands stretched out, now has become a little black and red, looks a bit scary.