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Jianzhou Youwei has reinforced and heightened the wall, but it looks far less strong than the Great Wall and other garrisons

Jianzhou Youwei has reinforced and heightened the wall, but it looks far less strong than the Great Wall and other garrisons, mainly relying on its outer fortifications, tripwires, traps, and deer firewood, etc. The defensive effect is limited, just to buy some time for the city people to retreat. In fact, really to that point, there is no need to defend, hurry to shift the strategy. When the enemy is approaching, Yao Chen ordered the army in Jianzhou right guard a hundred miles away, if can't stop, the city also need not defend. In order to maintain the current results of the war and continue to promote the national defense and diplomatic strategy according to the plan, this war must be won and firmly hold the front line. The Han army attack may not be as good as foreign cavalry, but the defensive skills have been full, superb, in the case of sufficient food, water and military supplies, they can be as strong as the tortoise shell. This is a battle between the main forces of the two sides. Unlike the Nu'ergan area, where the enemy was first weak and then strong, Yao Chen was an elite soldier from the very beginning. He single-handedly transferred/taught the elite soldiers in Liaodong, who had been strictly trained for nearly ten years and fed with countless canned fish, kelp and various kinds of grain. Before the war, Yao Chen did a simple job and said a few words. In a nutshell: If you lose, spit out what you've eaten,jujube seed powder, or you'll eat so much high protein for free! Liaodong Wei soldiers recalled the daily food, began to silently Xu Li, if changed some of the broken and poor Wei, probably every meal is a guillotine meal. As far as their meal is concerned, the occasional winning team has luxury goods such as corn and canned fruit. If they don't win a battle commensurate with it, they will only be able to eat bran and pharynx vegetables in the future. It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. How can you endure the tasteless food that is only enough to eat after living a delicious life with meat and vegetables? Recently they and Jianzhou Jurchen stationed together, Yao Chen in order to facilitate management and boost morale, a stroke of the pen,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, then by the Liaodong Wei is responsible for the supply of all the army food. For a time, kelp stew became a haunting dish for all the Jurchens in Jianzhou. Looking at the incredible expression of Jianzhou Jurchen and the appearance of eating hungrily, bathed in their envious and jealous eyes, Liaodong Wei Suo was proud and proud, as if he had reached the peak of his life. Hum, we are tired of eating these! Our favorite now is braised beef brisket with potatoes! "What beans?" Most of the Jurchens looked at a loss, and a few high-ranking generals had heard of it from thousands of registered permanent residence. Potatoes, you don't understand. Anyway, they are ten thousand times better than kelp stew. General Shao said that he didn't get much this year. He will give us a reward when he wins the battle. "For potatoes!" "En, for potatoes!" Yao Chen:.. Alright. Compared with Yao Chen's strategy of putting all the elite on the line, the leader of the savage Jurchen has a different idea. Like Tartar, there is also a struggle within the Jurchen, but it is not so intense and obvious. The leaders of all nationalities are used to using other tribes to consume the enemy's strength first, and it is the same for anyone who commands the army. They observed the array of the Han army, many experienced tribal leaders showed a contemptuous look. Hum, the famous General Manager Yao is just so so. Han Chinese lack of horses, step pawn to cavalry, has its years of testing routine, ghana seed extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, this routine they also know, know how to deal with. The army in front of the traditional conservative, with cavalry rolling in the past, not difficult. Moreover, the right in the slave dry wind unboiled water, the Han people and other nationalities losing ground, how much they have the meaning of contempt. Their side is the main elite, certainly not worse than their results, right? At the same time, they also stepped on the foot of the Allied Tartars. This Tartar is not good! Descendants of the yuan Dynasty are worse than a generation, and now even the Han people can't beat them. It seems that this is the time for them to rise up and conquer the world! The command of the savage Jurchen army is Tong Jia Ba Hu Te Ke Shen (always feel in writing the palace), he looked at the Han imperial concubine, crossed out, the Han army is strictly prohibited, Bei Lian Zhuguan, soldiers in high spirits, high morale, in the heart dare not be careless, cautiously sent under the tribe to test, although not as good as the top cavalry elite, but the fighting force is not weak, medium level. The sound of drums and trumpets echoed on the prairie. The Jurchen cavalry came in the blink of an eye. The dust filled the sky behind them. With the courage of ten thousand enemies, they were menacing. Yao Chen stood on the chariot in the middle of the army, his face did not change color, and he did not move like a mountain. The army he chose today is an infantry bow/crossbow array. Although there are only bows/crossbows in the name, the actual arms are complete. In addition to archers, there are pikemen, shield soldiers and so on. The first layer of defense is the bow/crossbow of long-range soldiers. The biggest problem with this cold weapon is that "there are only three arrows before the battle". In fact, under reasonable arrangement and training, the shooters of each team take turns to go up, while the Jurchen troops lack weapons and armor, so it is no problem to resist several waves of exploratory attacks. Savage Jurchen's first wave of cavalry, but five hundred people, not to the Han army array three hundred steps, has been killed and wounded. The leaders of the wild Jurchen ministries, who were still joking, had no voice. They looked at the few horses that came back. The horses were covered with blood, and their hooves were splashed with flesh and blood, leaving a string of dark red hoofprints. Their faces were gradually dignified and less contemptuous. Although this is only a tentative attack, but this is also five hundred cavalry ah! It was like a stone thrown into the sea without splashing at all. Leader Ba Hu Te Ke Shen hold your breath, to the evaluation of the Han army to mention, but in the heart still think oneself have an absolute advantage, as long as the Liaodong army, Han people is to break the legs of the women, with them. Then, they sent the second wave, the third wave of test, the number of one thousand cavalry, they arrived at the place of two hundred paces from the Han army, and the Han army to shoot, Han army casualties; add to two thousand, they were up to fifty paces. From the Han army before getting closer and closer, the heads of the face a little slow, only in addition to being sent out as cannon fodder tribes, they secretly grind their teeth, and heartache and hate, if the war,saw palmetto extract, their tribes will be weakened, by other tribes, become a vassal.