I have a special skill of transshipment.

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Sure enough, Zhou Shao's true colors, as far as his eyes can see, can only be flowers and beautiful women

Sure enough, Zhou Shao's true colors, as far as his eyes can see, can only be flowers and beautiful women, these five big and three thick old vegetable skins, how can he endure? Sure enough, replaced by two young and beautiful, Zhou Muchu did not quarrel. On the other hand, Mei Chaojun, because he was finally relieved and relaxed, immediately threw himself into a tense and orderly work. Out of gratitude to He Delin, she took the initiative to work overtime every day, from familiarizing herself with the company's operation and management to accumulating experience on the front line, she devoted herself wholeheartedly to her work. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the last day of October, which happened to be Halloween in the West. Mei Chaojun thought that she should have a good interaction with customers. She missed the previous National Day. Halloween was her first holiday since she joined the company. She wanted to present her first holiday gift. I just saw a recipe for a cough lollipop on the Internet. It is made of pear, Siraitia grosvenorii, Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae powder, tangerine peel powder, loquat leaves, maltose and other Chinese herbal medicines. It has the effect of relieving cough. It is interesting and not bad for children. The candy is also in line with the theme of Halloween. Mei Chaojun first tried a small dose, and after tasting it, he thought it was good, so he proposed it to He Delin,stesweet stevia, and got his consent, and immediately contacted a packaging bag manufacturer to print the two-dimensional code of the company's public number on it. She provided the recipe and asked the company's kitchen to buy the ingredients in the first two weeks, boil several large pots of syrup, mold them, make more than 5000 lollipops, and pack them in three small bags customized by the packer. On Halloween, employees with tasks each took a bag and sent it to customers, while other customers contacted the courier on the first day to send the package together with the company's promotional pages. Your idea is very good,rosmarinic acid supplement, and it can also enrich the content of our official account. He Delin felt that he was right about Mei Chaojun, and that the company really needed to add some fresh blood. In the future, every New Year's Day, we will make a theme, and I will allocate a corresponding fund for you. Nowadays, public accounts are closely following the trend, and they have to follow up on holidays or social hot spots. Yishi, a service industry, pays more attention to customer experience. At the beginning, it also followed the trend to get a public number, but it was basically deserted, pushing a message from time to time. Of course, this is also related to the fact that He Delin does not attach importance to this area. Now that Mei Chaojun has come up with the idea of interacting with customers, He Delin feels that this public account seems to be able to be active. After all, WeChat drainage is still super powerful now. On the same day, the official account launched an article entitled "Did you eat sugar today?" After the tweet was sent out, in the evening, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,pumpkin seed extract, those customers who had received sugar and paid attention to the official account came up to leave messages one after another, and those who had not paid attention to it also paid attention one after another. The official account suddenly gained more than 1,000 fans, making the dying official account break through the 3,000 mark at one stroke. The next day, the number of people leaving messages increased a lot, and many of them came to ask where the lollipop was bought. Several of them had children coughing at home. They refused to take medicine because they were afraid of suffering. Parents used this lollipop to coax their children to take medicine. When they woke up the next day, their children's cough improved and they were still clamoring to eat this lollipop. Thinking that the lollipop was specially designed for cough symptoms, the parents let the children eat the remaining two lollipops, and in the evening, they could not hear the children cough. Nothing makes parents happier than their child's illness, so these parents came up to leave messages to explain the situation, expressed their gratitude for the special gift of Yishi, and proposed that Yishi produce a lollipop product, which they were willing to pay for. Then, appropriate room public number sent a sequel immediately, announced the method of making this lollipop, of course, did not forget to indicate the original source. At the same time, in response to the voice of the masses, lollipops will be used as gifts, and those who buy a set meal in the appropriate room can be served once or ten packs of lollipops. That evening, there were 21 orders for lollipops as gifts, which surprised He Delin. Chaojun, I think I can go to other places to explore the market. After a few days, the popularity of the public account slowly declined, but orders were generated every day, which made He Delin deeply regret that he had not managed the public account well. He called Mei Chaojun into his office and smiled so hard that he couldn't see his teeth. "This public account is for you to manage well. With its blessing, I think it's twice the result with half the effort to go to other places to develop the market." "Master, why don't you take me with you again? I'm not familiar with some things." Mei Chaojun is a little lack of confidence. He Delin waved his hand and said disapprovingly, "When the baby bird began to learn to fly, it was pushed down the cliff directly by its mother.". Those who learn to swim are also thrown directly into the water. Besides, I have confidence in you. You have made achievements, haven't you? Two days later, I will arrange a time to rent a room in the hotel, and the main staff of the company will have a meal together, so that they can support you more in the future. You can rest assured that I'm not going back. Besides, it's convenient to communicate with mobile phones now. What are you afraid of? Because Singles' Day is approaching, it is a major festival for all businesses, and the official account of Yishi has to follow up in time, so He Delin decided to have dinner with everyone on the evening of the 9th and leave on the 10th after the measures of Singles' Day are finalized. Who would have thought that on the 4th, he suddenly received a phone call: "He Zong, I am Yin Huan.". Do you have time tomorrow night? Why don't we sit down and talk about what I mentioned to you before? Yin Huan, vice president of Zhou Muchu company, Xunsi Investment Group decision-making executor, before Zhou Muchu let him contact with He Delin, said to pay a lot of money to buy Yishi company, He Delin said to consider, then Yin Huan did not contact him, He Delin thought the other party had given up. Why did you suddenly bring up the past again? "Well, thank you, Mr. Yin,turmeric extract powder, for your kindness. I have no intention of selling the company for the time being." With the rise of the official account, He Delin's confidence has exploded, and he is planning to follow up the victory. prius-biotech.com