Famous Sword Romance-Gu Long _ txt Novel Paradise

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As soon as he said this, Sang Jiro's palm suddenly stretched out like lightning, like a knife, and plunged into his throat.

As soon as he said this, Sang Jiro's palm suddenly stretched out like lightning, like a knife, and plunged into his throat. The big man in brocade exclaimed only half, his eyes bulging angrily, staring straight at Sang Erlang, his eyes full of surprise and suspicion. He apparently did not understand why Sang Jiro had suddenly killed him until he died. Zhu Tears and others were startled and did not understand why Sang Erlang wanted to kill him. Since Sang Erlang was waiting for this man, why did he suddenly kill him? Even if he is just a messenger, Sang Erlang to kill him, but at least have to wait for him to say the message is, why not wait for him to finish, suddenly under the hand? Although Hu Laolao is an old fox, he can't help looking confused. "Could it be that Sang Erlang knew that the big man in brocade had a very confidential letter on him, so he killed him first?" Said Zhu Tears. She only thought so, because there was really no other explanation. Who would have thought that Sang Erlang flew up and kicked the body of the big man in brocade far away. Instead of looking at him, he jumped to pull the horse. He stroked the horse's mane and laughed, "Do you think I'm waiting for that man? I'm just waiting for this horse." He was waiting for a horse. What is this? Is this man really crazy? Zhu Tears sighed and said with a wry smile,tube lip gloss, "It seems that only a horse can deal with a mad dog like you." But before she had finished speaking, Sang Erlang suddenly clapped his backhand on the horse's head, and his hand seemed to be made of steel. The horse gave a cry of surprise and its head was broken. Did Sang Jiro kill the horse again? By this time, everyone knew that Sang Jiro was really crazy, besides the madman, who else would do such an inexplicable thing. Zhu Tears couldn't imagine how cruel this madman would use on himself. Yu Peiyu sighed heavily and said sadly, "I'm sorry. Instead of taking good care of you,eye cream packing tube, I.." Instead.. "How can you blame the fourth uncle for that?" Said Zhu Tears sadly? It's only my fault. I hurt my fourth uncle. Yu Peiyu shook her head, not knowing what to say. "You're going to die anyway," said Hu Laolao with a sneer. "Why should you feel sorry for others?" "You'll never understand the mind of a man like my fourth uncle," said Zhu Tears, "because you always care only about yourself, and my fourth uncle, he.. He always cares about others first. "He always cares about others," Hu Lao Lao sneered? Why doesn't he care about me? Zhu Tears don't speak? The heart is indescribably sweet. Now, though she knew that she was sure to die, she was not afraid, because she knew that there was someone in the world who cared more about her than herself. Yu Peiyu did not understand her girlish feelings at all, of course, polyfoil tube ,plastic laminated tube, even if he could understand, at this moment, he could not bear to make her uncomfortable. Sang Erlang had thrown the horse to the ground and cut open the horse's belly with a knife. Pulled all the intestines out. Zhu's tears made him almost vomit. She had thought that the most poisonous thing in the world was the snake, and the most cruel thing was the wolf, but now she knew that if a person went mad, sometimes it was more terrible than the poisonous snake and the hungry wolf. Yu Peiyu felt that she was trembling and said softly, "You won't be afraid of such a madman if you close your eyes and don't look at him." "I'm not afraid," said Zhu Tears. "I just feel a little uncomfortable." She sighed softly and hung her head. "I had a chance to escape, but now I've ruined it." "What did you say?" Hu Lao Lao almost shouted and stared. "When you were charmed by the incense in the car, you were still awake," said Zhu Tears. "And I found the incense from the roof of the car and hid the remaining half of it." Hu Laolao's eyes lit up and he said in a dumb voice, "Is that half of the incense still on you now?"? As long as we can throw it into the fire, these people are going crazy right now and won't notice. ” "I've thought of that for a long time," said Zhu Tears. "I think even if you and.. My fourth uncle and I were also fascinated with them, and I had a way to get away, because when they tied me up with a rope, I pretended to be unconscious, but my hands were already strong, and their rope did not really tie me up. She gave a long sigh and said, "But now, it's all useless." "Why?" Hu Lao shouted. Zhu Tears said sadly, "Just now I took advantage of this madman to talk to Master Tiancan and threw the half of the incense out. I'm sure I can throw it into the fire. Who knows.." "Didn't you throw it right?" Hu Lao Lao hissed. "Yes," sighed Zhu Tears, "because I was really too nervous at that time. When I threw it out, I suddenly twisted a muscle in my hand." "Where did you throw that half of the incense stick?" Asked Hu Lao. "Did you see that silver hairpin in front of Master Tiancan?" Asked Zhu Tears? That's the fragrance. Sangmukong was lying prone on the ground with his head tilted, as if he were dead, and there was half a silver thread of incense in front of him, at least three or four feet away from the fire. Hu Laolao said bitterly, "You dead girl, since you can't do it yourself, why don't you give it to someone else?"? Why do you want to show off? Your hands are even more stupid than other people's feet. You might as well cut them off. This time Zhu Tears was scolded obediently and did not talk back. But Yu Peiyu said softly, "If you give me that half of the incense, I'm afraid I won't be able to throw a foot out." Zhu Tears hung her head and said, "Hu Lao Lao's scolding is really good. I really want to show off because I want to surprise my fourth uncle and let him know that I am also very capable. Who knows.." Hu Lao Lao cursed loudly: "Who knows you are always a fool, is a white suspicion, not only harm others, but also harm yourself, you want to show off in front of Yu Peiyu, do you think he will like you?"? He only treats you as his son and nephew. Besides,metal cosmetic tubes, he has many beautiful lovers. How can he like a young girl like you? Zhu Tears trembled again and said in a trembling voice, "You.." You always don't fix it, always. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com