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A moustache is in and of itself a notion, a sensation, and an experience. We take great pride in being one of the most well-known hostel chains in the country, welcoming travellers from all over the world. If you're soon considering a vacation to India, Moustache is without a doubt the best alternative for you thanks to its enviable locations, kind hospitality, and lasting connections. Introduced in 2013, Moustache has successfully navigated considerable challenges that have materialised at each turn of this story to stand proudly at the pedestal it currently resides on.

With the goal of promoting travel, creating a sense of community, and providing low-cost travellers with a secure, hygienic environment and a range of amenities, Moustache was established.

Nothing makes us happier than interacting with others. Our only objectives are engagement and creating a social environment here.

Bakers, bartenders, bankers, and brokers are all people we have encountered; yet, we were unaware that aside from their professions, they were all similar in terms of warmth and passion.

Our culture is a blend of especially curated experiences and a thoughtfully crafted ecosystem of peaceful vibes that let you escape from the everyday grind and set off on a voyage of complete relaxation.

Even though there is a lot to see, we believe exploring is more important. As part of our activities, we interact with locals to truly experience Incredible India's rusty charm.

What if I keep scrolling? Join us at Moustache to stay, feel, and indulge as soon as you can bring your bags!

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