Ace evolution

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Do you have any opinion? The vulture said lazily: "As long as there are benefits, I'm fine with it."

"Jiajia said a few days ago that she regretted talking back to you all the time, so she came to ask me what gift I should give a man. I went with her to pick out this belt." Seeing that Hu Huahao still had doubts, Fang Lin added: "The birthmark on Jiajia's thigh is actually quite beautiful. Uncle Hu can actually persuade her not to go to the beauty salon to wash it off." This seems to be out of tune with the current atmosphere. In fact, it is also a kind of confirmation from Fang Lin. The underlying language is: I know the privacy of your daughter's inner thigh very well. Naturally, you should not doubt the relationship any more. Who knows that he accidentally saw it in the swimming pool? Hu Huahao's face suddenly turned livid and he said angrily: "Do you want to talk more?" Fang Lin smiled and said no more, but he knew in his heart that his life had been saved. This guy's previous lies are extremely calculated, for fear that Hu Jia's weight is not enough, but also to fabricate a child, two immediate relatives at the same time, even if the old guy you ruthlessly let the daughter widowed, but it is impossible to let the grandson without a father. Although this lie was exposed as soon as it returned to the real world, at that time Fang Lin had already let the birds fly, and even in the nightmare world in the future, he might not be able to bump into this fierce man. At this time, Hu Huahao put away several keys that had fallen from the ground,Alumina Ceramic C795, looked at Fang Lin and frowned and shouted: "Go." Fang Lin a Zheng way: "Where to go?" Hu Huahao's face sinks like a waterway: "I have a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. You saved my daughter from the kidnappers once. Today I will try to save your life, but when you go back, you must break up with her!" Fang Lin could not grasp his train of thought for a moment, nor could he answer. The two of them walked one after the other in the street. It was not long before he received the mark of nightmare again: there was a hint in the approach of reincarnation, and he could not help reminding him: "Someone is coming again." Hu Huahao's face was not happy,Ceramic Bobbin, and he seemed to want to reprimand him, but then he frowned and apparently got the same hint. He looked at Fang Lin with some surprise and said in a deep voice: "It's the stormtroopers. If you don't want to die, get in the car quickly." Fang Lin asked tentatively: Are you from the Mad Bulls? Is the other side very strong? He kept talking, but his movements were extremely quick to get into the car next to him. Hu Huahao glared at him and snorted angrily: "What would they have done to me if you hadn't been a drag?" Then he stepped on the accelerator and sped away. Hu Huahao's driving skill is obviously very high, in this busy city can also drive out of the drift of difficult movements, even the traffic police who followed was easily thrown away, probably after more than ten minutes, the speed slowly slowed down, Hu Huahao did not turn his head, suddenly a word of the way: "If you want to live, you'd better not interrupt next. The people with me are not so easy to talk to. Remember, ceramic bobbin heater ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, my name is Thunder Tiger. You'd better think of a name for yourself." Fang Lin's original intention was just to coax him to let go of himself. Unexpectedly, Hu Huahao took the initiative to take the matter into his own hands. He felt hot in his heart and opened his mouth, but he wanted to speak and stopped, but he had some plans in his heart. Attached: Level A Skill Heaven and Earth Return: This skill is unique to KOF World Gate Goro, learning conditions, strength 35, agility 22, physical strength 27, basic footwork level -- 8, basic melee level -- 8, empty-handed combat level -- 10. Learning and improving this skill will cost 10 potential points and 5000 points. When cast, it costs 1 Spirit and 10% of your current Stamina. The cooldown is 30 seconds. Heaven and earth return level-1 is divided into two stages: In the first stage, the effect is to capture the enemy within two meters of the body in an instant, and the force value is below 5 points lower than that of the performer. Paralyze the enemy and reduce its defense capability by 70%. The smaller the difference in strength between the two sides, the greater the possibility of failure. After the grab fails, there will be a rigid time of 3 seconds, and it will enter the state of being unable to move and resist. Effect of the second stage: throw the enemy high into the sky and let it fall freely. The damage value is the fixed damage value of the skill 200 points + the difference between the strength of both sides X5 + the damage of the current equipment weapon x1.5. As soon as the light dimmed, the car turned into the underground parking lot of a hotel. Hu Huahao did not go upstairs with Fanglin. He made a detour to the basement below. His face was expressionless and he looked very cold. He took Fanglin to push the door and strode in. [Subtotal of Chapter 53] The light in the room was dim and quiet, except for a flicker of fire. Like an eye full of charm, Fang Lin was slightly stunned and immediately realized that it was a person sitting and smoking. Then a hoarse voice came over: "Tiger, you are the second again. Why did you bring a live one back?" Hu Huahao light way: "If you compare speed, you will naturally be the first vulture. What about the two?" The vulture sneer at a way: "The two of them have always been advancing and retreating together, and every time they get a bargain and come back!" Hu Huahao glanced at Fang Lin and said in a deep voice: "This boy has saved me in the nightmare world before, and I want to return his favor this time and take him out alive!"! Do you have any opinion? The vulture said lazily: "As long as there are benefits, I'm fine with it." Hu Huahao hesitated for a moment: "After I go out this time, half of the potential points will be given to you, and the equipment will be abandoned!" When Fang Lin heard this, his heart was hot again. The vulture laughed hoarsely a few times: "All right, as long as the bull and the rabbit don't object, that's settled." HuHuaHao cold way: "What if they object?" The vulture looked up to the sky and said, "That depends on who gives me more benefits." At this time, there was the sound of a car engine outside, followed by the sound of footsteps, and two people came in. The bull was also a big man. Unlike Hu Huahao,ceramic bobbin heater core, the bull looked rough and strong with a bit of agility and competence. Hu Huahao was tall and strong, calm as a mountain. The rabbit was tall and thin. His legs and hands were disproportionately long. It looked very smart. Just two thin lips tightly pressed, looking rather sinister.