Unspeakable Relationship--Yi Anchu

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"Are you in love with her?" "Zhan Fu Yin suddenly look big change, looking at Zhan Rao know frown way, patiently waiting for the other side's answer.

The secretary was dozing on the sofa, waiting for the soup in the pot. The smell of food came from the kitchen, and the secretary felt that her cooking skills had improved greatly recently. Suddenly, a sharp doorbell rang. The secretary woke up completely and rubbed his sleepy eyes. He stretched himself toward the door and muttered, "Xi Yin brought the key." The moment he opened the door, the secretary was completely stunned and his eyes stared like brass bells. Cham. Directors … … The secretary stammered. Zhan Fuyin stood in the doorway, dressed in a tailored Italian light gray suit. A pair of dark brown pupils, a high bridge of the nose, deep eye sockets, and Zhanzhanzhi are somewhat similar in spirit, staring at the secretary in a deep voice, "Zhanzhanzhi?" Zhan Fuyin and Zhan Fuzhi are half-brothers and half-sisters. Zhan Fuyin is the illegitimate son of his father's first love life. After his father and mother got married, his first love found his father and said that he had given birth to his father's child and would give the child to the Zhan family to raise. After parent-child identification, it was confirmed that Zhan Fuyin was indeed his father's own flesh and blood. The first love left the five-year-old child and disappeared without a trace. The mother was kind-hearted and kept Zhan Fuyin by her side as if she were her own son. General Manager Zhan is taking a nap. The secretary's surprise was no less than that he had won the lottery, and it took him a long time to come to his senses. What time is it? You're still taking a nap. Zhan Fu Yin frowned and went straight into the living room. Zhanraozhi came down from upstairs and was walking on the stairs when he heard something in the living room. Brother, why didn't you tell me in advance when you returned home? Zhan Yizhi walked up to Zhan Fuyin and asked bluntly,whirlpool hot tub, "and how did you find me here?" Zhan Fuyin sat on the sofa, crossed his legs, put his arms on the edge of the sofa, and looked up at Zhan, "I came here to see a friend of mine, and by the way,outdoor whirlpool, to see our president who skipped work." "What can I do for you?" Zhan Yizhi sat on the sofa opposite Zhan Fuyin and opened the door to see the mountain path. The smile on Zhan Fu Yin's lips suddenly congealed, looking at Zhan Rao Zhipan and asking, "I heard that you kept a model?" Zhanraozhi snorted coldly and twisted his eyebrows together. "You have a lot of eyeliner." "Who made you so high-profile that the whole company knew?" Zhan Fu Yin a pair of Xingshi asked the tone of punishment, "keep also forget, just play, play tired of also just.". Why do you still get people into the drama of Qin and Song. What, do you really want to be a star? "Two hundred million is neither too much nor too little.". It's up to you to praise the actor and squander it. Zhan Fu Yin was a little angry and began to get tough in language. The plan was approved by the board of directors. Zhan Raozhi wrote lightly. How many of your people are on the board, and what if I don't agree? "Now that you know you can't beat me." Zhanraozhi smiled slyly, "don't make meaningless struggles." The secretary stood in the kitchen, just made two cups of tea, and was about to walk out of the kitchen with the tea, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi swim spa, when she felt something was wrong with the atmosphere in the living room. He stood where he was, hesitating to come forward, and finally went forward. General Manager Zhan, your tea. The secretary put a cup of tea on the tea table near Zhan Fuzhi, and then put another cup of tea in front of Zhan Fuyin, "Director Zhan, your tea." Zhan Fuyin answered coldly, picked up the white porcelain teacup in front of him, and gently scraped the tea leaves floating on the water with the lid of the teacup, "isn't that model at home?" "She has a name, Xi Yin.". Don't bark like a model. It's not nice at all. Zhan Raozhi said, and then the tone eased a little, "into the group filming, not back." "Can you really act?" Zhan Fu Yin smiled contemptuously. Don't talk in a weird way. It sounds uncomfortable. Zhan Yizhi felt that Zhan Fuyin was really a very unpopular person. At least, in my own opinion. I know. Zhan Fu Yin smiled, a calm look, "that woman seems to be very good-looking, the figure is also very good." "How about lending that woman to my brother for two days?" Zhan Fu Yin looked at Zhan with one hand holding his head, and a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes looked at Zhan with a frivolous smile. With a dark face, he approached Zhan Fu Yin step by step and said in a cold voice, "Zhan Fu Yin, you can't move this woman, or I'll let you leave Xingyao completely." "It's so precious." Zhan Fuyin shrugged his shoulders helplessly, leaned his head on the sofa and looked up at Zhan, "We are brothers and sisters, and you are reluctant to lend me a lover to play with." "I can give you anything else." He turned his back. "She's the only one who can't." "Are you in love with her?" "Zhan Fu Yin suddenly look big change, looking at Zhan Rao know frown way, patiently waiting for the other side's answer." It's my business. What's it to you? Zhan Yizhi still turned his back to Zhan Fuyin, and his voice was obviously a little unstable. I'm concerned about my sister's emotional problems. Zhan Fu Yin said, "You can play, but don't take it too seriously.". Before you get married, you can play as you like, and your family will never interfere with you. "I'm not getting married." "You have to talk to Mom and Dad and Grandma." He turned and looked at his brother and asked, "Where do you live at night?" "Hotel." Zhan Fuyin said, "otherwise, I'm not used to living with others." "Then why don't you go?" Zhan Rao Zhi Bai glanced at Zhan Fu Yin. I told you you weren't so kind as to care about me. "I'm leaving." Zhan Fuyin stood up, straightened the collar of his suit,endless swimming pool, and squinted at his sister. No. Zhan Raozhi sat on the sofa, drooping his eyebrows. The secretary stood in the kitchen and watched Director Zhan leave. Then he came out of the kitchen and stood in front of the president. After Zhan Fu Yin left, Zhan Yizhi tried to calm his mood. Ask the secretary to find a copy of "King Kong Jin" for himself and look down. monalisa.com