Liu Canyang Jinjialou

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Zhan Ruochen unloaded the felt from the horse's back and gave it to Sister Wanyan.

The light gradually disappeared into the distance of the dunes until it was not visible at all. A light call on horseback: "A strong man!" Exhibition if dust immediately looked back to the two women, see a woman and said: Thank you! Thank you Only then did Zhan Ruochen look at the two women carefully, nodded his head, and said: "Yes, I met him in Longquan Town!" The other girl twisted her body and said: "Please ask a strong man to help us untie the rope!" Exhibition if dust-smile, way: "I'm sorry, I forgot!" Jumping up, "Frost Moon Knife" Green Mang waved, then heard two women with "ah", two people almost fell from horseback! Zhan Ruochen helped the two girls get off the horse temporarily, and the two girls endured the pain and knelt down in both directions. Exhibition if dust busy reach out to hold, way: "Don't do this, two girls. If what you said is true, Zhanmou will kneel down to thank you!" When the two girls heard this, they sat slowly on the ground and said: "Zhan Zhuangshi, you also sit down for a while!" Looking at the two girls, pointing to a corpse, Zhan Ruochen said: "In my opinion, I have to send the two girls back to your people!" A girl stood up,jacuzzi bath spa, pointed to the west, and said: "Our people are on the banks of the Kelulun River, and the fast horses are only two days away!" Zhan Ruochen is stupefied, in the heart Zhuo meal, want two days of time again, but do not go to be unable to know skeleton to help total rudder to be. So he gritted his teeth and said in a low voice: "Ladies, how about we put all the food and water on one horse and go on the journey overnight?" The two girls looked at each other and nodded at once. So Zhan Ruochen gathered nine horses,outdoor endless pool, took out all the water bags and dry food and tied them to one horse, and each of the three men chose one. Gallop to the west overnight. Zhan Ruochen murmured in his heart all the way, in case the two girls cheated themselves, at that time. He looked back at the two girls. I can't make up my mind. Galloping on horseback in the moonlight night, it is easy to get lost in the desert if you are not familiar with the path. If you want to go to the Kelulun River, listen to the horse. The girl said that if it was fast, it would only take a day and a half to arrive! Zhan Ruochen was following the two girls, only to hear the girl in front of him turn around and ask: "Just now I heard from Zuo that Zhan Zhuangshi came from Jinjialou in northern Liaoning." Exhibition if dust immediately back way: "Yes, the young master of Jin Jialou is the next one!" The girl immediately added: "I'm Wanyan Qian, and she's my sister Wanyan Ping!" Show if dust flattery closely follow up, asked: "Yesterday I saw you talking and laughing in Longquan Town. How did you become a prisoner overnight? What's going on?" Without waiting for her sister to answer, Wanyan Ping sighed and said: "Yesterday we thought we had escaped from the clutches of evil, but we met another group of Skeleton Gang on the way. Alas, endless swim spa ,China spa factory, I can't imagine them." Will come after us in two ways! Exhibition if dust then asked: "What kind of people are you in the desert?" Wanyan Qian looked back with a smile and said: "Chahan people, show strong men, you will be the guest of honor of our whole clan, the guest of honor of my father and brother, we are all grateful to you!" Exhibition if dust-smile, way: "It's a pity I can't stay with your people for a few days. When I get to the Kelulun River, I'll have to ride back quickly!" He looked Two female one eye, and way: "I hope you can tell me where the chief rudder of the Desert Skull Gang is, and the girls will repay me!" Wanyan Ping in the back immediately answered: "Relax, if you see my father, you will know the real location of the'Desert Skull Gang '!" Exhibition if dust one Leng, way: "What does the girl mean?"? Could it be that the'Desert Skull Gang 'still has a few unreal bases? Wanyan Qian nodded and said: Indeed, in the two-thousand-mile desert, there are many places where it seems that there are a large number of people from the Skeleton Gang, but there are also other places. A large number of their characters appear, and their real base, very few people know! Show if the dust frowned and said: "How did your father know?" Wanyan ping immediately said: "My father is the head of the Chahan clan, and probably only the heads of all ethnic groups in the desert have been coerced by them to go to that mysterious place." Pass! Exhibition if the dust smell speech in the heart of a happy, immediately to the perfect face sisters, way: "The two women are leaving quickly. I'm relieved to see your father!" A gallop for more than fifty miles, Wanyan Ping has called on horseback: "Sister, I'm so tired. Take a break!" Exhibition if dust look at Yan Qian, way: "Are you tired?" Wanyan Qian close up the horse, saying: "Zhan Zhuangshi, you probably don't know the living habits of the desert!"! In the desert, it is impossible to sleep on sandbags during the day. If we don't stop to rest for two hours at this time, we're afraid we won't rest until tomorrow night! Exhibition if dust then nodded and said: "I'm already tired myself, and my iron body will rust!" The two of them found a place in the leeward of a sand dune and first tied the four horses together. Zhan Ruochen unloaded the felt from the horse's back and gave it to Sister Wanyan. Sister, take one yourself and lie down nearby! The moon in the sky is moving, moving in a thin layer of white clouds, and moving in people's hearts, with that kind of dense. And sorrow, then the cool breeze is also hard to blow away! Zhan Ruochen pillowed his hands under his head, his deep eyes filled with cold lightning, his thin mouth closed tightly in his mind. But there is an image of a person. Jin Shen has no trace! Yes, my godmother has been in captivity for many days. Where is she now? Is she suffering from the enemy? With her character, she was afraid that it would be difficult to yield to the enemy, so she would be subjected to unimaginable torture. For the first time, Zhan Ruochen calms down and thinks deeply, but missing always makes people helpless. If his adoptive mother is unfortunate, what should he do? Could it be that thousands of skeletons were killed? Could it be. Gently wafted a burst of fragrance, breaking off the thoughts of the exhibition Ruochen, turning his head sideways,garden jacuzzi tub, only to see Wanyan Qian sitting down slowly. Sit in By your side! Zhan Ruochen looked up and saw a beautiful beauty in the moonlight, a kind of beauty that did not belong to the temperament of a girl inside the Shanhaiguan Pass, perhaps.