Devil's law-the Sphinx quickly backed away

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This time the Sphinx is almost a full blow, and Hussein is also dying! After the collision, the Sphinx quickly backed away.

Boom! The fighting spirit exploded on the lower abdomen of the Sphinx, and the Sphinx opened his mouth and sprayed out a mass of dark golden blood! Hussein punched again, but this time, he felt his wrist tighten and was pinched by the other side. The Sphinx gasped and stared into Hussein's eyes. "Have you run out of strength?"! Why is this punch so light? The next moment. The silver battle gun swept on Hussein's body, and the paladin, like a fallen leaf in the wind, flew out horizontally, rolled to the ground, and slid out of the ground for more than ten meters! The Sphinx was about to laugh when he saw Hussein on the ground. He got up quietly. Sphinx? Hum It seems that you don't have much strength. Hussein tilted his head, spat a mouthful of blood foam, and wiped the corners of his mouth vigorously. An overbearing human. The Sphinx's eyes became more and more excited, like two golden flames, and the pike pointed at Hussein with a shout: "Unfortunately, your weapon is too fragile!"! Now that you are unarmed, do you want to use your body to resist my holy gun? "Ha ha ha ha!" Hussein laughed wildly, showing his arrogance in his laughter! Even though his blood had soaked through his battle robe at the moment. But that arrogance does not fall at all! In the face of a strong enemy, the paladin gasped a few times. "Even with my bare hands," he said with wild laughter. I beat you up too!!!! Hussein suddenly flew to the side of a big tree and put his hand on the trunk. At the foot of a kick, will be a person holding such a thick tree trunk grabbed up: "Come on!" " "The guy who is dying.". Your head is mine! The Sphinx pike, with its holy light, waved over, and as soon as the trunk in Hussein's hand came into contact with the silver gun, pieces of sawdust scattered like butterflies flying all over the sky. The silver gun penetrated the tree trunk almost without hindrance,Walking tape measure, and the tip of the gun was already stuck on Hussein's shoulder! The feeling of the tip of the gun into the flesh, Sphinx could not help laughing out, but the next moment, his smile had solidified on his face! Although Hussein was stabbed by the tip of the gun, he did not retreat at this time! Instead, he dashed forward! Sniff. Sniff. The silver gun pierced Hussein's shoulder and even pierced his bones! The sound of metal rubbing on the bone makes people feel cold! But the frantic fighting spirit on Hussein's face did not diminish at all! The Sphinx seemed a little stupefied. He didn't expect Hussein to be so brave! And when he was slightly stunned, Hussein was already standing in front of him! Although the pike pierced the body above the shoulder, Hussein's other hand had quickly grabbed the Sphinx's wrist holding the gun, and then. The Sphinx seemed to see the cold banter in Hussein's eyes! Boom! I saw the paladin hit the Sphinx's face hard with his head! Paladin's blow, how powerful! Even with the protection of the Holy Light, the Sphinx could not help flying back after a scream. His face was covered with blood. The bridge of his nose had already been almost shattered by a collision. Half of his cheek was almost sunken in! Hussein didn't feel well either. As the Sphinx retreated, the light exploded, Wheel tape measure ,Fish measuring board, turning his shoulders into a bloody mess. He staggered back a few steps, limped, knelt on one knee, and reached out to support himself on the ground. Looking at the face of the Sphinx, Hussein guffawed: 'Ha ha! Sphinx! I just said, even if there is no sword, I can fight you not to laugh! Now, you use your face. Smile for me! The Sphinx almost fainted from the pain, but after all, he was the immortal body blessed by the goddess, and his face was badly hurt. But moments later, within a few breaths, it was completely healed. He mercilessly wiped the blood on his face, revealing the original baby face, but now full of ferocious: "I don't know whether to live or die!"! A guy who doesn't know whether he's alive or dead! "Even if I die, at least one angel has been shot in the head by me!" Hussein's words, like a sharp sword, pierced the heart of the Sphinx. The Sphinx looked at Hussein there as if he could hardly fight, and blood ran down his feet on the ground. "I'll see how much blood you have left!" In the roar, the four long wings behind the angel vibrated, and the holy light flourished. Flying forward, instantly through the gap in space, flashed in front of Hussein! The pike clicked and stabbed Hussein in the body. Hussein is helpless. The power of this holy order was not stronger than his own, and he immediately judged the movements of the other side. But he could only block it with his arm. Card! The handle of the gun was held by Hussein's arm, and Hussein felt a slight crack in his bones. Even though he was seriously injured, after all, the power of the paladin is still holy! The golden fighting spirit and the holy light on the handle of the gun collide again! The two men separated after the roar. This time the Sphinx is almost a full blow, and Hussein is also dying! After the collision, the Sphinx quickly backed away. The skin on his arms and half of his body suddenly burst open by the force of the impact of the fighting spirit! The skin tore numerous wounds, marking a line of blood! But even with such a serious injury, the Sphinx still did not fall, he just a few breaths later, under the action of the Holy Light, soon let the injury heal. Hussein, on the other hand, flew back and hit a big tree. The tree trunks were smashed through, but the castration did not diminish. And ended up on the ground. The ground around it collapsed. Cough, cough.. A violent cough from Hussein. Blood flowed from his mouth,tape measure clip, and he knew at once that his lungs could no longer support him. The anger in the paladin's heart has never been so fierce as it is today! He has also met many powerful opponents! Like that old dragon! Like Rodriguez! Like Chishui break! But there is no time to play as stuffy as today! Old dragon or Chishui break, after all, the strength is really better than their own. But this Sphinx..