Song Shi Ming Yue

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The hand fumbles in the sleeve, raises the hand again, on the arm already empty, she complained discontentedly: "Husband, is not for the human to look

Throughout the ages, only Su Dongpo has built a thousand-year-old West Lake with one hundred thousand yuan and two hundred thousand stone grain. Who can surpass such achievements? And how can we do such a project near Liangzhe Road in the future? How much should we declare? This simply makes it impossible for officials to live. Yang Zuren didn't look at Zhao Xing at all when he was telling the story. He watched the performance on the stage, and Zhao Xing also watched the performance on the stage. His left hand was still beating the beat on his knee. After listening to Yang Zuren's story, he grabbed an object beside him with his right hand and stuffed it into Yang Zoren's hand. Then he clapped his hands and praised the performance on stage: "It's really good to sing!" Yang Zuren looked down and Zhao Xing handed over a white porcelain teapot from Ding Kiln. This white porcelain pot is not much bigger than the palm, the body is white and thin, the button is made of gold and stone, the glaze has tear marks, and the glaze is thin and can be seen as brush marks. Startled, Yang Zuren quickly lowered his sleeve and covered the white porcelain pot. The white porcelain of Ding Kiln was born in 1088. It is one of the four official kilns of the Song Dynasty. This kind of porcelain is fired with aged clay. The surface of the porcelain is uniform like a piece of white jade. Because of its novel technology, this kind of porcelain pot mostly exists as a tribute and seldom flows into the folk. But Zhao Xing has one in his hand. Just now Zhao Xing held this small pot, smacked the spout, and drank the tea inside. The white porcelain was dazzling. Yang Zuren always wanted to ask the other party how to get this kind of white porcelain which was more expensive than gold. Unexpectedly, after saying a few words, the other party put the teapot into his hand. This is to thank him for telling Zhao Xing some inside information in private. He is also a bribe, but no one can refuse the bribe. I heard that Brother Yang had been in the Department of Staff, right? Zhao Xing gently asked: "I have something to ask, perhaps, they need a little help..." The Second Elegant Career of Corrupt Officials Chapter 2138 bullies are like this. Yang Zuren smiled. He replied in a low voice, "Actually, Lin Jilin, the county magistrate of Jiaoxi County, has also been in the Department of Civil Affairs. That place is not so mysterious. It is a place to spend money. Everyone can spend money vigorously, saying that they spend money to buy information. But in the past few decades, only a dozen pieces of information have been useful to the country, and the rest are nonsense." Zhao Xing asked again, "How many contacts has Brother Yang had? Can you give me a list?"? Because I need them to help me with all kinds of small things,Ceramic Bobbin, and be reliable! Yang Zuren smiled faintly: "This pot should have several teacups." No, just send it to my home. When it comes to the staff department, you've come to the right place. My Yang family is behind the general door, and the staff department has always been controlled by the general door, the civil service in it, but as some transcriber. I'll write something for you later, but after reading it. Zhao Xing unconsciously nodded slightly: "You can rest assured, I understand.". I am curious about this, because Zhang Laozi Zhang, he is not a family of generals, how can he instigate the staff of the Department? Yang Zuren stood up gently and said, "The music is too loud. I can't hear what you just said." Ah, it's about to close. I'll listen to it. Thank you for the teapot. As soon as Yang Zuren left, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic igniter electrodes, Liao Xiaoxiao came up again. She said tightly, "Xianggong, there is only one set of teapot in the whole family. I still want to play with it for a few days. How can you.." One set, one set! Liao Xiaoxiao said in the back, his voice shaking eight high, singing the word "ah" tactfully, this is no longer speaking. It's acting like a spoiled child. Chen Yiyi was interrupted by her interest. She glanced at her discontentedly and found that Liao Xiaoxiao was shaking his arm. A bracelet on his arm flashed brightly. She frowned discontentedly and said, "Xiaoxiao, why did you put that thing on? Did you wear it for others to see? Take it off quickly." Liao Xiaoxiao wears a gold bead bracelet, which should not have appeared in this era. Because it uses a technology that spans this era-metal pipes. The thin metal tube made of white, yellow, purple and gold is not a complete smooth tube wall. There are numerous fine scaly sections on the surface of the tube. These metal tubes are strung with gold beads. Coiled into a rotating three-ring, with the shaking of Liao Xiaoxiao's arm, the parabolic surface of the metal tube flashed, like a fish jumping out of the water, a little sparkling. These white metal tubes are white gold, that is, gold mixed with 75% silver. Yellow is 18K gold, purple-gold is copper-gold, and the appearance of these metal pipes is nothing. Those huge golden blue beads should not appear here. It's too much of a disaster. Liao Xiaoxiao's sleeve hung down. The corner of the sleeve covered the string of pearls. She said proudly, "What's the matter? Didn't you say I didn't have a dowry? This is my promised land. This thing is enough to buy your fief." Zhao Xing did not help Liao Xiaoxiao this time. He lowered his face and said, "Yiyi is right.". Take off that string of gold beads quickly. This thing is not for others to see, who wants you to wear it out? Liao Xiaoxiao pouted. The hand fumbles in the sleeve, raises the hand again, on the arm already empty, she complained discontentedly: "Husband, is not for the human to look, that wants it to have what use?"? Isn't this a night trip? Yiyi giggled. She said softly, "The last person who said this, Liu San, has been put in a box and sunk to the bottom of the sea by Xingge. Are you going to do the same?" Liao Xiaoxiao restrained her smile. She looked up at Zhao Xing and said coquettishly, "Officer, you are not willing to give up, are you?"? Xiao Xiao knows he's wrong, and the officials are reluctant, aren't they? Zhao Xing shook his head, stood up and said, "You keep looking. I'll go to Ah Chu's place and see Ah Chu and the child." Although Cheng Azhu was raised by Jiao, but the constitution of the mountain people is different from Jiao girl, she has already gone to the field activities, but Zhao Xing does not allow her to go out. The courtyard was noisy with singing and dancing, but Cheng Azhu was watching the children in the room. As soon as the child was full of milk,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the nurse returned him to Ah Chu. Ah Chu looked at the child's sleeping little face and was so absorbed that she didn't even notice Zhao Xing coming in. There was also Hu Jikasili in the room. She bowed to Zhao Xing and said, "Officer, the old man has just come and left. He said he had gone to the theatre." 。