Burning eyes

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You may blame me, but when it comes to this, I have no other way. Ling Ran quickly left the hidden tree and ran towards the flame.

At that time, these trees, just like at this moment, stood quietly in front of her, in the sunshine, emitting incomparably bright light, layer upon layer, thousands of interlaced, gorgeous, so that people can not open their eyes! For as long as she could remember, she had never seen such a breathtaking picture-not to mention, such a picture came from a tree. She tried to touch them closely, but before she was a meter away, she was bounced back by the strong light. You can't get close at all. I still am. I can't get close. Even though her eyes were no longer the eyes that had no ability to speak of more than a decade ago, they could not get close to each other. Thinking of this, the flame sighed heavily. It is estimated that only the members of the Ling clan and the Lian clan can really get close to these hidden trees that have become demons. Like the Shang clan, the Bai clan, the Mu clan, and other miscellaneous clans,industrial racking systems, they only serve the king of the hermit clan. When can she experience this kind of real possession? "What are you thinking?" Suddenly there was a sound in my ear, and I was so frightened that the flame brush turned sharply. It's Ling Ran! "Ling Ran, Ling Ran?" The flame was a little surprised. Why do you look so surprised? Ling Ran smiled with a relaxed face, looked up at the towering tree in front of him, slowly approached, reached out his hand, and touched the nearest one. In a flash, all the hidden trees received dazzling light and turned into ordinary trees,warehousing storage solutions, quietly accepting the touch of the spirit. ……” Yan was too frightened to speak. It was the first time she had seen such a picture. It turns out that all the legends about hidden numbers are true! "Where did you go last night?" Ling Ran is not going to beat around the Bush and go straight to the point. Uh The flame was confused and had not yet recovered from the shock in front of him. The burning hand had been removed from the hidden tree, and everything was restored. The bright light was dazzling, and the flame subconsciously turned its side to avoid the light of the hidden trees. It seems that you really forgot that I was going to heal you tonight. The spirit burns somewhat disappointed, about the body matter, her flame also can so put behind? How much you don't care about your body. "Oh-sorry, Ling Ran-I was busy yesterday and forgot all about it!" The flame smiled apologetically, but his heart began to feel weak. How could she forget such an important thing! Smoking friends “…… What have you been up to? Ling Ran really can't accept that the headmaster of this hidden school in front of him has given such a reaction and attitude on this issue. Just some school trivia-faffing around. There is a ghost in the heart of the flame, naturally dare not say directly what she was busy with last night, the eyes dare not directly look at each other with the spirit burning. Since it is a blind rush, it is something that is not important. Your injury, put it in the first place of your work. If it drags on, it's not a problem. There was not much emotion in Ling's burning voice, but his face was already full of pity. It's all right, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, Ling Ran-I, I.. The flame heart gave birth to a plan and began to hesitate. What happened to you? What are you trying to say? Ling Ran held on to it. Although my ability is not as good as yours, but I know, my scar, if you want to recuperate, how much energy and energy will be consumed-forget it, it doesn't matter, really. Yan tried to make a pitiful appearance. …… So that's what you're worried about. Ling Ran obviously fell into her trap, thinking that what she said was the truth in her heart. Ling Ran, these years, you have chosen not to ask about the hermit, now, for my injury, you have to use your Ling's ability to save me, it is not worth it. I, though I am the headmaster of a hidden school, am not a precious bloodline, and it is not necessary for you to go to so much trouble to cure me. The more Yan said, the more emotional he became. Are you confused as a headmaster? Treatment or not, it has nothing to do with blood! I decided to cure you because- "Ling Ran suddenly stopped talking." What is the reason? The flame looked up. Because-you are the flame. Ling Ran wanted to say "you are my family", but at the critical moment, he changed his words. Eighteen years of indifference, "family" two words, perhaps she already did not deserve to say to the flame, even if there are many difficulties, it is not appropriate to say. Ling Ran.. Why are you doing this. The flame is not not clear, 'thousand cuts to pieces' the wound can cause what kind of damage to her body. But before Ling Ran appeared, before Ling Ran made it clear that she wanted to heal her wounds, she never thought that her wounds could be treated like this. She never dared to expect. So, once the extravagant things appear, she is extremely afraid to have them. What's more, such possession requires the person she loves to sacrifice her ability as a price. Where is the Yan I know who never hesitated to do anything? She felt a dull pain in her head. For the first time, she found that the flame in front of her eyes could be so coy that it was not like the character in her memory at all. I The flame began to be really entangled. Ling Ran's focus is no longer on why she broke her appointment last night, but her focus is on having to cure herself, which seems to be even more of a headache. You may blame me, but when it comes to this, I have no other way. Ling Ran quickly left the hidden tree and ran towards the flame. Ling Ran-You- Before the flame could react, he was knocked unconscious by a head-on slap. Silly or not. Ling Ran muttered and hugged his paralyzed body. Although this move is a bit bad, but to deal with people with a hard mouth, she has no other better moves. When she was a child, Yan or Zhuo was not obedient and liked to get into trouble. That's what she used. It's a real headache. After all these years, it's still so worrying. They are all in charge of such a big school, and they don't worry at all. Ling Ran shook his head, picked up the unconscious flame,warehouse pallet racks, and jumped into the hidden forest. She needs to use their power to expel the poison that invades the flame body, and with the energy of her spirit, she is not afraid to get rid of it when the heat arrives. jracking.com