Bai Baihe finally put on the right

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Bai Baihe finally put on the right, a black suit-style jumpsuit shows competence, showing exquisite goddess style _ Bai Baihe _ clothing _ fashion

Original title: Bai Baihe finally put on the right dress, a black suit-style jumpsuit shows her competence and exquisite goddess style. For a long time, black has been called a fashionable, advanced and personalized element by fashionable girls. It can modify the perfect posture of girls by affecting people's vision, so girls often use black elements when participating in large-scale activities or shooting fashion blockbusters. Bai Baihe's clothing has always been in a polarized style, sometimes wearing very advanced clothing, and sometimes wearing will expose their own defects, resulting in fashion rollover. But when she wore a black suit-style jumpsuit, she was called "finally wearing the right one" by many netizens. It shows the delicate and capable image of Bai Baihe, and also makes her weight a mystery. Many girls will use different styles when choosing onesies, and most of those overalls or simple onesies will show a casual state because of the loose shape. Bai Baihe's choice of this dress is very delicate and capable. Adding shoulder pads to the shoulders reflects the perfect shoulder line, which adds to the commuting color of the clothes. Her clothes also use long-sleeved design, because the sleeves are too long to reflect the slender arms, which plays a role in stretching the body line visually. Expand the full text When choosing a suit-style jumpsuit,keychain tape measure, you must show off your capable demeanor through the classic design. Her dress is designed with a lapel, and a tight waist cut is added on the basis of the lapel, with a wide belt, to create a beautiful waist and hip line. Classic clothing requires not only the design of the upper body to show competence, but also the design of the lower body to cater to the tailoring of the upper body. Her clothing uses the design of traditional suit pants in the lower body. The delicate tailoring is like the style of pants with small feet,printed tape measure, which sets off a very slender leg line. With straight hair parted in the middle and a low ponytail, she was smart, stylish and simple. Bai Baihe's face has smooth lines, and her figure is also well-proportioned and stylish. Choosing a design that is short at the top and long at the bottom will reveal the charm of a small Jasper's posture. Her dress uses a personalized printed T-shirt on the upper body, with a small fragrant cardigan on the outside. This milky white cardigan adds other line stitching when it is sewn by the car line, like the outline of the line, which has a sense of design. The lower part of the body is matched with tight cropped pants, reflecting the image of a young girl with high temperament. If you like to wear advanced and capable clothes, you can imitate Bai Baihe's clothes and choose a white T-shirt inside, which reflects simplicity through pure color. But if you simply wear such clothes, garment measuring tape ,bespoken tape measure, it will cause a sense of passers-by. You need to match a personalized coat outside. Bai Baihe's mosaic suit jacket also belongs to a simple style, wearing a capable and free and easy temperament. Bai Baihe in a period of time the figure is very round, if the match is not appropriate will expose the body slightly fat defects, she chose this dress although simple, but the covering power is very strong, the upper body loose T-shirt in the waist with loose clothes, in the inside with a high-waisted skirt, through the skirt waist tight tailoring, can lock the lower abdomen. The loose skirt will also set off the slender waist, while covering the flesh of the thighs. If you want to make this kind of clothing more fashionable, you can change the T-shirt of the upper body into a shorter style. The choice of simple wear at home is also a lot of girls often choose the style, Bai Baihe looks sweet, choose those simple clothes can also reflect the charm of gentle intellectuality, her clothes in the upper body with light coffee inside, such clothes will show a sense of sophistication through color. The skirt of the lower part of the body uses classic geometric figures, and the color is the same color as the upper part of the body, forming a stable and foreign charm. Wearing a pair of small white shoes, it can also cater to today's age-reducing style. Personalized clothing design will bring more fashion effects. Bai Baihe chooses a short jacket with a round collar on the upper body. Loose clothes will set off the three-dimensional figure of girls, and also show the fashionable waist line. Many white lines before the figure make the drape of clothes reflected. There are no too complicated elements in the design of clothes, which can directly reveal the fashionable waist line. The lower part of the body is matched with a pair of loose casual pants, so that the design completely crushes the wear of the post-00s. Through a pair of retro shoes on the feet, the whole dress presents a mix and match style, which also has an age effect. Girls who understand the fashion trend are more likely to match the fashion effect. In addition to relying on the classic elements of age reduction, they also need the right hairstyle. Bai Baihe uses a high ball head with messy small broken hair to emit the charm of youth. Her upper body wears double short sleeves, simple version with personality, inside is high collar lake blue stripes inside, outside with lapel grid POLO shirt, rich layers reflect elegant and personalized design sense. Add a pair of cropped trousers with loose tailoring, revealing the beauty of concave and convex curves. This article is originally created by Cheng Mingliao Fashion, which only represents personal views. The pictures are all from the Internet. 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