Redactle is a hard version of Wordle that can take hundreds of guesses to figure out.

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Wordlebot to give you a detailed explanation of how wrong each of your guesses was.

But maybe you want something a little harder, like a daily guessing game where you could guess dozens or even hundreds of times and never find the answer? I've got you covered if you like to guess a lot.

Each day, Redactle gives you a Wikipedia article. An entire Wikipedia article, from top to bottom, chosen from Wikipedia's own list of "Vital articles," of which there are just over 10,000. The thing is, almost all of the words have been taken out of the article, so to figure out which one you're looking at, you have to start guessing words that might be in it. If you guess a word correctly, it will be revealed. Once you've revealed a lot of words, you might be able to figure out what the article is about. But we have to make a lot of guesses first.

Not every word is hidden. Words like "is," "it," "a," "on," "the," and other prepositions and articles, as well as punctuation, are shown. This isn't much of a help, though, since everything else is covered up. But slowly and surely, you can chip away at the mass of hidden words and maybe find something like a whole sentence that will (hopefully) hint at what the real subject of the redacted Wikipedia article is.

The interface is pretty nice. When you find a word, it will be highlighted, and you can click on it in the sidebar to quickly go to every place it appears in the article, kind of like a text search. You can quickly go back to the top of the page with another button. I worked on Redactle for two days before giving up after about fifty guesses, even though I had found a number of words. But I can't stay focused for long, and I'm sure puzzle-solvers who are more dedicated will enjoy guessing until they get it, no matter how long it takes. I've seen people solve puzzles on Twitter in less than 40 guesses and in more than 300. Try it out and see what happens.

Redactle reminds me of Semantle, which is another puzzle game based on Wordle where you might make dozens or even hundreds of guesses before you figure it out (or give up). In that daily game, you try to figure out the secret word by guessing similar-sounding words, not by spelling. If you find Redactle and Semantle too hard, you might want to look at our list of the best games like Wordle.