5 Best Elements to Make A Good Assignment

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Are you those kinds of students who are scared of the term ‘assignment’?

Are you those kinds of students who are scared of the term ‘assignment’? Then you should know the basic elements of writing a good assignment, including the UQ Assignment Cover Sheet or cover page, contents page, introduction, main components, conclusion and references. The cover page is the first page of your assignment, which the students themselves design. They may choose different fonts, styles, graphics and images. However, they must maintain the word count and use minimum information on your cover sheet.    

Here is the detailed information on good assignment:

The cover page of your assignment:

Many colleges and universities have different requirements regarding the cover sheet or cover page. You may have different requirements for making an ECU Assignment Cover Sheet. You must copy the structure of the cover sheet and add it at the beginning of your assignment. It may include: 

Title of assignment 


Student’s name 

Student’s ID number/ Roll number:

Lecture’s name:

Date of submission: 

After that, you have to write a declaration like: 

I clarify that the assignment is genuinely written by me, except where I have given fully documented references to the work of other authors, and that the material in this assignment has not previously submitted for assignment in any formal course of study.”

After that, you should make a signature. 

The introduction:

The introduction is the first vital part of your assignment where you should introduce your topic with a catchy line. It provides the reader with the essential plot for what is to follow. The introduction should be brief, concrete and sharp. It works like a hook for readers. You can also make a summary of the topic in your own way and use it as your introduction to your topic. Before you make any cover page, use the Deakin Assignment Cover Sheet sample if you are studying there.  

Main body:

The main content of your assignment tells your readers what the topic is all about. The main content of the body depends on which topic is written/ composed. For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay, you should make three paragraphs describing each part of the assignment.

You must write three different aspects or statements in three different paragraphs. These three statements are the main attractions of your assignment. Make a plan or flowchart before you start writing these main contents. Keep your focus on the problem and find out the solution. The main body should be well-research and informative for readers.


The conclusion is nothing but a summary of what you have discussed in your content. It reminds the reader what the paper has been all about and how you have applied the facts and figures. Make sure your argument in the body of the assignment says the same as your conclusion.


The content should be word processed. No handwritten assignments are acceptable now. Write on only one side of the paper. Check the spelling, grammatical mistakes and punctuation before submission. Use software tools like grammar checking and spelling. Using direct quotations is a great way of starting a paper. 

Wrapping up:

Producing a good successful assignment needs a lot of effort and patience. Therefore, ensure you go through various samples before writing an assignment.