How to Write a Strong Conclusion for an Essay?

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When writing an essay students give the least importance to the last step of the process – crafting the conclusion. By the time they reach this point, they are in a hurry to end their essay and submit it to the teacher so that they end it abruptly without putting in any thought.

This is where they go wrong and end up losing their marks. It is important to understand that the concluding paragraph holds the same importance as the introduction. It is after all your last chance to impress and persuade the reader to agree with your point of view, so why waste it?

Whatever you say in the last paragraph of your essay will stay with the reader and cause them to think or take a certain action. It is important that your conclusion is complete and provides a sense of closure to the reader. You can also find help from essay writing service and ask to  write my essay.

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Here are some tips to write an impactful final paragraph for your paper:

Link the last paragraph with your introductory paragraph with the help of reusing a word or phrase.

Start by a quotation from the work that you were writing about, or something related to the main idea of your essay.

Don’t start by phrases such as “to conclude, in conclusion, to sum up, etc.”

Present the thesis statement without restating it. Refresh it with the help of new words.

Don’t present new ideas or points that you haven’t discussed in the paper.

Summarize the main points of the essay without making it sound repetitive. Your goal is to remind the reader of the importance of your topic. You can hire essay writer for further help.

Show the reader how everything you stated in the essay makes sense by linking it all together.

Lastly, end on a positive note.

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