9 Tips to Write a Great Synthesis Essay

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Every essay type is written for a specific purpose that is defined within the content. Some essays serve the purpose of persuading and informing the audience about the subject while others just a source of entertainment.

Apart from writing assignments, common essays such as argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast, definition, narrative, and descriptive essays, a student gets to write many other types of essays such as synthesis, review, and analytical essays. 




No matter which field you belong to, writing essays will be there in your academic life. One very unusual type of essay is a synthesis essay that high school and college students get to write. 



A synthesis essay is a form of writing that presents a unique viewpoint about a subject and backs it up using multiple sources of information. This essay combines all the sources to study the correlation between them. 



Writing a synthesis essay is not very simple and requires a writer to have great knowledge of the subject. It is written using the basic essay outline that provides it a structure and meaning. 



According to this outline the content of the synthesis essay is divided into three sections; introduction, body, and conclusion. All the gathered data is arranged in these sections to make the text readable and understandable for the readers. 



If you are an essay writer and want your write my essay for me, draft it professionally. Look for ways that will sort the writing process out for your synthesis essay. 



To help the students score well in academics, expert writers of an online essay writing company have provided 9 useful tips to follow. Carefully look at the tips provided below:

  • Understand the Prompt - The first and foremost thing to do is to understand the essay prompt. Identify whether you are to make an argument, provide a comparison, or just evaluate the text. 


Without knowing and understanding the prompt, the writer will not be able to produce an effective piece of writing. So thoroughly read the synthesis essay prompt provided. 

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  • Select the Sources - The sources are the basis of your synthesis essay so choose them wisely. Your synthesis essay can not stand firm on weak and wrong sources so find credible and relevant sources that best describes your essay subject. 
  • Conduct Thorough Reading - To understand the sources well, thoroughly read them. Conduct in-depth research and avoid skimming the documents. Read and frequent notes as they will serve as the basis of a strong synthesis essay. 
  • Determine the Themes of the Sources - After reading all the selected sources, it is time to identify the main themes. This will allow the writer to find similarities and connections between the sources without which writing a synthesis essay is impossible. 
  • Develop a Thesis Statement - Analyzing the sources and the subject, develop an impactful thesis statement. This will be your main argument of the essay. Make sure that the thesis statement you formulate is clear and understandable for the audience.
  • Create an Outline - Organize all the points and gathered material to provide a structure for your synthesis essay content. Use the traditional essay outline to create a plan and structure for your essay. 
  • Explore All the Ideas - The body paragraphs of your synthesis essay should be clearly presenting the similarities, differences, and correlations between the sources selected. 
  • Evaluate the Sources - A common mistake done by students is that they summarize sources instead of evaluating them. To make your essay stand out, evaluate them by providing your point of view, observation, and analysis. 
  • Always Proofread Your Essay - Once you have written your synthesis essay, proofread it to make sure that there are no mistakes. 



Writing a synthesis essay is not a challenging task but if you find it hard, you can always ask a professional to ‘write my essays for me’ and he will assist you. You can also get a free essay writer for your guidance online.