The Time Is Now

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Is the time for relying on others over?

The time for relying on other people to provide the evidence was over and it was my turn to have that direct connection with the dead, even if it was via a cardboard box, painted black with a red light.When I quizzed Sharyn about the details, she said that the husband of one of the meditation group had knocked it up in a matter of minutes and now it was the most popular tool they used in class.Andy came with me for support, but secretly he was just as curious as I was.I wondered to myself, hoping reinforcements arrive before I had to start seriously reading the healing card that I had picked from the angels and saints card pack.The ladies didn’t seem all that scary, so I decided to make polite conversation.‘Apparently Kathleen is going to bring out the box tonight,’ I said, trying to look like I knew what I was talking about.The mood in the room instantly changed as the ladies started clucking to each other excitedly about the box.Sharyn finally arrived and the night’s class could begin.It started unassumingly with a guided meditation by Kathleen that featured a gentle stroll along a creek and up a hill to where we released the physical aspect of ourselves and tried to expand our awareness.Now that is a massive leap away from our western way of thinking as we’re trained and conditioned to look for answers outside of ourselves.It’s assumed we’re born with an empty slate and the world is where we seek the answers that fill it up.But what if the reverse is true?What if we are born with all the knowledge in the universe?We just have to trust that we can remember what we need.What a radical shift that would be!We wouldn’t have to rely on anyone or anything outside of ourselves to make us happy because all the solutions are inside us.We could be free to enjoy everything else just as it is without expecting or wanting anything different.Back to the meditation.It was a good way to calm my mind and settle my excitement about seeing faces of dead people, but the tension was killing me about where this ‘box’ was.I wanted to get to the main part of the show.Finally the support acts finished and it was time for the headline act.Kathleen sensed my eagerness and disappeared behind a door at the back of the room.Now things got decidedly creepier as she began to set things up, turned off the surrounding lights and turned on the red light.I could feel the mood in the room change slightly.I’m not too sure if it was my mounting expectation of what was going to happen or if I could actually feel a shift in energy.Kathleen went first and asked my friend Sharyn to start off the questioning as she’d done this before.With the only light in the room coming from the box, Kathleen’s face did indeed look different and as Sharyn started to ask questions, like ‘Are you male?’ ‘Where do you live?’ I could perceive subtle changes in the shadows and facial features.It was when they swapped roles and Sharyn sat in front of the box that I really noticed a big difference.Definite changes appeared in her face as she took on the spirit of the wife of a plantation owner in Ecuador.As Kathleen directed the spirit to move further along a time line her demeanour became more melancholy and downright depressed as she informed us of her cheating husband, his death, and the loss of servants and a lifestyle that she was accustomed to.