Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Diamonds Download Latest Version)

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Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie


Anger of Sticks 5 MOD APK is a popular game. It is an action game from publisher j-PARK. This is an interesting game genre with 2D graphics. The gameplay revolves around the stick man, who is the main character of Plyers. This is the best game where they mix a lot of fun. This game is available on the Google Play have a combination of tactics. This game was developed by “COWN”. There are four parts given, which have already launched.

The fifth version of this game was launched after the Strait Victory. In the fifth version, you can see many difficulties upgraded with the latest design. While, in the 1st to 4th version, you can see everything is very simple. There are billions of games that are published with different features every year. Today, all the players like an exciting and thrilling storyline. There is an amazing rating given, which makes this game very impressive. Everyone enjoyed playing this game.

The plot of Anger of Sticks 5 MOD APK

You can download this game freely only with an internet connection. An Internet connection is very important; the data limit may be too high to play this game. The free version of this game has no charges, but in the premium version you have to pay some charges. This application is best for Android devices, smart phones, and tablets. It has powerful gameplay. There are many different features that are given.

What is the Anger Sticks 5 mod apk?

This is a nice game in which the user can play in different player modes. There are a lot of friends and family members to play together with those who are your enemies in this game. This game has many challenges to complete. The main character has the ability to defeat enemies.

APK Anger of Sticks 5 MOD

The modified version of Anger of Sticks 5 APK is an excellent version for the pro user. This version of the application has a lot of benefits. There are many different awards given by  the user. You can enjoy this game with a lot of fun. There are different features of buying a free coat which are attractive for the gameplay. This game is upgraded with the best features. The player can unlock all the levels freely. Then no subscription is available to the modified version.



There is a simple shoot. This is a life experience of shooting. As in, zombie shooting skills are an important feature of this game.
Playing with friends You can play this game with friends and family members. You can shoot zombies and make a thrilling and dangerous game.


There are a lot of weapons given to shoot the zombies with basic traffic. The player can choose from different weapons to defeat the enemies.

  • A lot of events
  • Achievements
  • Defeat enemies.
  • modified version
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coin
  • No advertisement

With premium, you can access all levels.


Is it possible to download Anger of Stick 5 Apk?

Yes! It can be freely downloaded. There are no charges to pay for the download.

How do you download Angry Stick 5 on your Android?

Yes! You can enjoy this game on your Android devices, smartphones, and tablets.

What is the name of the developer of this game?

This game was developed by the name “Park.”

Is this app secure to download?

Yes! It is very safe and secure for all your devices.

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You make a team of six people, but you can use it for stage three there.
Free to play
In this game, all the features are given with amazing work. Anger of Sticks 5 is free for Android. It is completely free to play.
Unlimited money
Anger of Sticks 5 still enjoys the mod version free of cost. If you face no adventure, then this game has an unlocked version of gameplay. You should follow these easy and simple steps of instruction and enjoy this game simply. This game has unlimited money and coins, and it is under your control.
Anger of Sticks 5 mod apk is a clear and easy to play game. This game has an amazing rating and is loved by all over the world. It has a concept of physics. Each character has different abilities and strengths.
How interesting and amazing are the features given as visual, audio, and graphic?

Visual and sound quality

Anger of Sticks 5 mod apk is an exciting game with simple graphics. You can attack with an awesome performance. The game was played in a place where a group of people lived.
Anger of sticks 5 is a game with unique characters, interesting gameplay, and simple graphics. A player feels great excitement to playing this game feel free to contact me if you have any issue.