Fildena CT 50 - Staying Hard Post Orgasm

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Sildenafil Citrate component in Fildena CT 50 is composed in chewable form which helps men to lead the best lovemaking session for a longer time. Buy this chewable pill online.

Working Over The Refractory Period

It is studies that consuming Fildena CT 50 or similar ED pill lowers the refractory period. It is also believed that consuming ED medicine reduces the refractory period and allows for attaining a quicker response for the second round of lovemaking sessions. The issue can be solved but the effectiveness is however debatable. 

Some tips for working over the refractory period and solutions to How To Stay Hard After Orgasm are mentioned below: 

  • Reducing the frequency of performing sex can help in achieving stiffer penile quicker for the second round of making love
  • Performing pelvic floor exercise appropriately shortens the refractory time
  • Work on the dopamine level and make it significantly high
  • Mental stress on achieving a second stiffer erection. Having a chilled partner with a stress-free environment helps in reducing the refractory period
  • The level of dopamine reduced after a long refractory period makes it difficult for the penile to attain an erection. The level can be worked in by consuming food like tuna, chickpeas, and asparagus. These foods are rich in Vitamins B6, B 12, and folate
  • Work on the prolactin levels as they are lowered
  • Try vasodilator foods like spinach, dark chocolate, and watermelon helps to enhance the blood flow in the penile for achieving erection quicker
  • Lead healthy life by performing well-balanced routine exercise and proper diet with lowered cholesterol and getting blood pressure under control
  • Alcohol can limit sexual arousal, hence limiting its consumption
  • Consume vitamins well, especially B6 and E which could help in lowering prolactin level 
  • Try Fildena CT 50 medication, which can help men to attain and sustain a stiffer penile for a longer lovemaking session

Fildena CT 50 Shortens Refractory Period and Solves “How To Stay Hard After Orgasm” Question

The conclusion from an examination stated that the effect of Sildenafil Citrate is positive on young and healthy men. It also found out that the pill Fildena CT 50 did not enhance penile erection in men without ED. However, as a result of side effects, consumption of this medicine helped positively and it shortened the refractory period. Hence, Staying Hard After Orgasm is all possible while consuming this Fildena CT 50 ED pill.

To be specific, men who consumed the Fildena pill were able to attain erection for the second round after orgasm in just 5.5 minutes post orgasm, compared to 15 minutes without consuming the pill. 

The medicine Fildena CT 50 can help you to get back up again quickly but it shall not help to keep your hard post-orgasm. Nature is just so hard to cheat under this department. However, the best way is to ear a special ring at the base of your penile. The ring shall eventually restrict the blood flow and shall further help you to help to stay erect, even after attaining an orgasm. The hard-on shall eventually subside but it must last longer. Attaining Best Pleasure 

Erection is not the only way to attain and serve satisfaction. Make sure you provide proper time, rest, and recovery to the body. You can just get creative! Give your loved one some oral pleasure when you are just tired! Have some deep intimacy moved while you gather the strength for round 2? Sex is so much more than having intercourse. 

If you think you are suffering from impotence, do not put your sex life on hold. Talk to the doctor and try some effective treatments. Medicine like Fildena CT 50 is trusted to be effective and safe for men.