Advantages Of Installing Sensor Urinal In Your Restroom

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Advantages Of Installing Sensor Urinal In Your Restroom

With the coming of new technology, a lot has evolved when it comes to your restroom and toilets. Sensor urinal or auto flush is a feature that is available for toilets and urinals. Its basically comes with an infrared sensor that can identify when someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, it then activates the flush system. You will more commonly find them in workplaces and public restrooms.

  • Proper cleanliness and sanitation: Having sensor urinal, you are ensured that everything is cleaned automatically and properly without the use of hands. Even if at any time, a person forgets to flush the auto flush feature takes care of it.

  • Long lifespan: As it is hands-free, there is less wear and tear and no mishandling which lessens the chance of any damage. This makes sensor urinals last longer.

  • Reduction in water wastage: The main advantage of sensor urinals is that they are sensitive to movement and flush only when it is needed so they reduce water being wasted. You will always see a time delay in one flush to another so the user just can’t flush again and again.

  • Easy to use: These are very easy to use units for elderly and young children as it completely flushes the waste material maintaining hygiene, unlike the traditional flush systems that at times do incomplete flushing. A user can be of any age or height and need not worry about not being able to reach the flush button or even forget flushing, auto flush feature is a blessing.

With all such advantages, Sensor Urinal is a modern technology that one must have in their restroom in order to avoid germs, bacteria, diseases, maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness and also save water.


4 Benefits Of Owning A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets were popularized in Japan and have been a common feature in most of the Japanese homes since the 1980s. These kinds of toilets can be considered a great improvement to the health and personal care of people who use them due to the many great features that they have. These kinds of toilets are also good for people who want a more efficient flushing system, among other great features. So, what are some of the advantages of owning this kind of a toilet? Well, here are 4 benefits of owning a smart toilet:

1. They are easy to use: This is probably one of the biggest advantages that these toilets have over the traditional type of toilets. With the smart toilet, you do not have to flush them as they automatically flush once one gets up and moves away. As such, you can be assured that waste will never have to stay sitting in the bathroom for a long time. They are definitely good for families that have small children who will not remember to flush the toilet all the time. They are also good for people with mobility issues as you do not have to twist and turn as you use the toilets.

2. There is a reduced risk of overflowing: Smart toilets come with sensors that are built in to determine the levels of water within the toilet. For this reason, they will prevent overflowing as they will automatically shut when they detect any form of overflow. In the event of a clog, the smart toilet will flush for a short while and then shut so as not to prevent water wastage and will not flash again until the clog is removed. With this in mind, your smart toilet will help you reduce the risk of water damage and improve the degree of cleanliness in your bathroom.3. They are environmentally friendly: The smart toilets help in water conservation. Compared with the traditional toilets, they use less water because they only use water that is just enough to flush the waste within them. When not flushing something solid, these toilets are able to detect this and as such, they will use less water, unlike the traditional toilets that use the same amount of water for all the flushing needs. Other than being environmentally friendly, these toilets will ensure you will pay less in water bills.

4. Instant cleaning and health tracking: There are some smart toilets that can clean their bowls. This is due to the fact that these bowls are made of zirconium coating that is non-stick and therefore prevents waste and mineral build up. They also kill odor-causing bacteria and therefore keep the bathroom fresh all the time. It is also possible for people with severe conditions to benefit since the smart toilet can be connected to a smartphone app and the doctor’s office so that stool and urine analysis can be done by the toilet and the results sent to the user and their doctor. For instance, a diabetic would benefit from a smart toilet that can analyze and inform them of their sugar levels.